EXCLUSIVE – Kevin Maguire Takes A Look In The Mirror

by TR News

Our dear friend Kevin Maguire, an associate editor at that left-leaning Labour-loving toilet rag “The Mirror” has been his usual busy self-aggrandising self.

How can someone spend so much time editing his own tweets when he should be editing articles for today’s chip paper?

What a cushy job!

Anyway, we digress, Kevin “the splendiferous” Maguire is about to have a call out for his contempt, pomposity, hypocrisy and his loathing for the “stupid, outraged milkshakers” of the working class who support Tommy.

Kevin Maguire Twitter

Kevin is happy compensating anyone who throws milkshakes over the “likes” of Tommy Robinson, yet he is appalled when similar assaults are carried out on the “likes” of Nigel Farage who was decorated with a milk beverage.

Well, that’s very lactose tolerant of you Kevin, clearly no bias there!

You would not be mistaken in thinking that neither he or Nigel Farage share anything in common politically. However what Kevin does share with Nigel is a snobby, snooty, sneering scorn of the “lesser people” who  live in working-class estates of the UK and dare to think differently to him.

Kevin is a typical “loathsome, moribund, liberal, Labour-loving classist.”

According to online sources Kevin lives in a shanty town somewhere in South West London, a terribly deprived area of the UK whos GDP is more magnificent than the total GDP of Turkey, yes Turkey the country Kevin, not the festive feathered bird.

Here is a lovely example of Kevin’s classless, hypocritical Twitter twangers, we heard he’s pulled a few out the bag in his time!

Kevin Maguire Twitter

And how does the Mirror report on Nigel Farage v’s Tommy Robinson?

Kevin said, “cool the assaults” when it’s against Farage, if its Tommy, he will reimburse the cost of a milkshake.

Mirror Maguire Farage

Mirror Maguire Tommy

Pure class Kevin, pure class!

Kevin won’t be voting for Tommy, because he’s just another champagne socialist who edits his virtuous Twitter feed. It has been alleged he also edits a paper that’s not worth wiping an anus on; even if it’s the day after a boozy night which finished off at the local Indian curry house, during an Andrex shortage.

He Won’t Vote for Tommy, but you should!

Vote For Tommy on The 23rd!!!

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