EXCLUSIVE: ‘I was defending me and my wife’ Tommy reveals what REALLY happened in Portugal

by TR News

TOMMY Robinson has hit back at fake news reports that claimed he ‘randomly’ punched an England fan in Portugal last night.

The Sun and The Mirror have spun the story and claimed Tommy “Unleashed the sudden strike – sending the other man sprawling to the floor,” the leftist Twittersphere has been ablaze with rumours and smears.

Tommy has exclusively told TR News that he was “defending “himself and his wife after a left-wing England fan repeatedly attempted to confront the right-wing political figure and his wife.

Tommy said: “If any mans out with his wife and that group of men came over they would do the same” the agitator was continually being agressive in front of Tommy’s wife.

“Three times I warned him,” said Tommy.

“Cos he come at me aggressively, talking about his politics getting lairy with me”

“I asked him, I warned him and his mates if he comes and he gets within a distance of me again I will defend myself”

He did, and now the mainstream media is painting Tommy out to be the bad guy, despite Robinson simply defending himself while at the same time, worrying about his wife’s safety.

“People always celebrate the fact that I’m attacked, I face hostility everywhere I go” said Tommy.

“Five separate times yesterday I had people verbally abuse me, Five different times… I didn’t punch five people”

“I warned him twice… I couldn’t walk backwards [as] I’d just had grief from others behind me”

“The only way the MSM would be happy if I stood there and let him knock me out”

“I’m fed up of being a punchbag, I wouldn’t be fed up if the Police did their jobs and arrested people for attacking me, but they simply don’t”

“I’m not gonna stand there and be attacked by people continually for the rest of my life.” added Tommy.

“So if people come and get aggressive with me when I’m with my wife I will act in defence of myself and my loved ones.”


Robinson also released a video on Telegram and said: “I went to Portugal with my wife” “on four separate occasions people were getting aggressive with me, another occasion was just an individual shouting some verbal at me.”

“I had to tell my wife to move away because the man was getting abusive and aggressive.”

Tommy told his wife: “I can see where this is gonna go, walk away.”

Tommy said he advised the man’s friend – “Keep that man away from me” and added: “if he comes back at me again like that watch what happens to him.”

The agressive lad was warned twice, the third time was the breaking point, Tommy was in a suituation where he felt he had to do something about it, going on past experience, there is every reason for Tommy to fear the worst, attacking Tommy seems to be acceptable this day and age.

Defending his actions, Robinson, 36 said: “Think of you walking with your wife or husband, and people get aggressive with you.”

“I’m not gonna wait for him to attack me.”

“He came towards me twice.”

“The man should keep his opinions to himself and his mouth to himself.”

“Fair enough if I’m on my own or with my mates fine, but I was with my wife.”

“That’s the context”.

Attacks against Tommy Robinson are common, the media paint a picture of him that angers people enough for them to feel justified in attacking him.

Mainstream media and social media encourages political violence, it has to stop!



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