Ex-Labour MP Urges Electorate To Vote Conservative

by TR News

Jeremy Corbyn supports the IRA and Islamist terrorists, and the Labour Party is rife with Anti-Semites. Ex-Labour MP Urges Electorate To Vote Conservative.

Painful Politics

Ian Austin has been a member of the left-wing Labour Party since he was a teenager, but now he urges the British public to go to the polls and vote for Boris Johnsons Conservative Party. In an interview with Kay Burley Ian painfully pleads with “patriotic” Brits to vote against Jeremy Corbyn. Ian said that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have consistently supported Britain’s enemies like the IRA, Hezbollah and Hamas, and he is right.

If you want to read more about Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s support for terrorists, please link back to an article we published in September by clicking HERE.

Jeremy Corbyn And Friends From Hamas

Jeremy Corbyn And Friends From Hamas

Respect Where It’s Due

We may well disagree with Ian Austin on many issues, but we do have to salute him for his honesty and his bravery. Clearly, Ian is one of the very few politicians in Parliament whose conscience is not lead by blind partisanship. This was a heartbreaking decision for Ian to make, asking the British public to vote against the political party that he’s been a lifelong member of is not insignificant, far from it. The decision Ian made proves he has a moral code that he will stick to, so regardless of his political leanings, he deserves respect for that.

Let’s hope the British public will heed his warnings and keep Comrade Corbyn, the enemy of Britain, out of the Prime Ministership because he is without doubt unfit to lead our great nation.

Keep Britain Great – Keep Corbyn Out!

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