Ethan Klein is a BLM hypocrite

by Avi Yemini

Ethan Klein from the popular H3H3 podcast, released a video in support of Black Lives Matter. The question is: is Ethan signalling his virtue or covering up for his shadiness?

Leftists Out Of Line

As the fascists from the BLM movement storm every institution that exists, big names in entertainment scramble to show their solidarity. There is just one problem. The internet reveals a history many of these people would prefer forgotten.

We all know that the extreme left keeps making new rules. Being the fascists they are, they certainly can’t help it. As a result, old allies are becoming their new targets.

Celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are just some of the casualties in this new purge. Their ‘unforgivable’ sin? Performing in Blackface. And although they didn’t lose their careers over it, they did have some significant arse-kissing to do and apologies forthcoming.

It’s true that those of us who oppose the radical left look on with a smile. These instances give us much enjoyment. It’s only a pleasure to watch those who once fed the monster now beg for their lives. So in the interest of further entertainment, let’s shine a light on youtube personality, Ethan Klein.

‘Blacks Are Scary’

Following his video release in support of Black Lives Matter, Ethan received the usual hi-5’s guaranteed from the woke mob. But he also gained other feedback that question how non-racist Ethan actually is.

It turns out that people have combed through his content, finding some interesting stuff. Firstly, the usual charge of blackface was there.

Once called out, Ethan subsequently deleted the pictures. But much more intriguing was what he had to say about black people.

In one video, he talks about black security guards being much more “terrifying” for merely being black. In another, he mentions a black YouTuber is possibly a creepy rapist that loves to rape “little white girls” again only for being black. He even refers to him as “Blackzilla”. And finally, a bunch of videos where he explicitly uses the n-word and one where he also admits to “love” saying it.

Although there is humour generally to the stuff he says, he said these things as if he believes them.

Who’s The Racist Now?

So when the left throws the word ‘racist’ around, it’s probably deflection and projection. And rest assured we will be here to show you how

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