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The Old Bailey Tommy Robinson

Tommy is back in court at the Old Bailey tomorrow the 4th of July at 10 am, we all hope that he will get the decision he deserves – AN ACQUITTAL.

Tommy – ENEMY OF THE STATE – arrested, judged and sentenced during a live stream at Leeds Crown Court back in May 2018.


Because he exposed (now convicted) Muslim paedophile groomers who arrived there to answer for their vile crimes against young, underage, vulnerable girls.

During the Facebook live stream, Police arrested him for a “breach of the peace”. Police officers dutifully bundled him into a van and he did not appear in public again until the 1st of August. Tommy spent over three months in solitary confinement at a prison with a massive Muslim population.

Tommy’s crime – Contempt Of Court.

Here is a statement he prepared for his first charge of contempt.


Tommy took his case to the Court Of Appeal, and Lord Cheif Justice Ian Burnett granted the appeal:

“essentially because the process was flawed”.

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That’s right, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC at Leeds Crown Court acted as Judge, Jury and Executioner – found to have “rushed into proceedings” even though Tommy removed the live stream from the internet.

The appeal Judges also found that Tommy was sentenced as though he had pleaded guilty, which he DID NOT DO. The whole situation, an utter farce, a contempt charge should be directed the other way, contempt of due process.

Tommy had been committed to a custodial sentence within FIVE HOURS of the live streaming taking place. No wonder the appeal Judges said all these things (and more) “gave rise to unfairness”.

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Undeterred by failed efforts to have Tommy put away for thirteen months, CONSERVATIVE Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC decided that it was “in the public interest” to bring proceedings against him again. This time with an added charge, causing ANXIETY for a sick Muslim paedophile groomer.

You can read about all this and more – Click HERE.


So Tommy is at the Old Bailey again, a court usually reserved for murderers and terrorists. He will arrive at central criminal court, court two, at 10 am facing ANOTHER charge for contempt of court. Tommy is considered an ENEMY OF THE STATE, the government need him back in court, and prison.

We would just like to thank you all for your unwavering support, because you all know why this has happened. Being there tomorrow in support of Tommy Robinson means the world to him as it does to us here at TR.News.

For now, we wait with bated breath and hope that this time around Tommy will get a full acquittal from all these ridiculous charges.

He may be the government’s number one ENEMY OF THE STATE, but he’s our number one TRUTH TELLER.



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