ebay’s Hate And Cognitive Dissonance

by TR News
Ebay Endorses Militant Anarchy

Anything associated with Tommy Robinson is deemed toxic, and out of touch with mainstream British thought, at least that’s what mainstream media and the political class want everyone to believe.

ebay’s Hate And Cognitive Dissonance

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have played their part in the fascistic censoring of a plain-speaking truth-teller like Tommy. Now we have to take a look at ebay’s Hate And Cognitive Dissonance.

We have been made aware of ebay’s lack of enthusiasm for selling anything Tommy Robinson related. If you try to place any goods for sale associated with Tommy Robinson on ebay, you could have your account suspended as per the below warning.

Ebay's Warning Against Tommy Robinson Merchandise

Ebay’s Warning Against Tommy Robinson Merchandise

ebay has joined in the rank and file of censorial fascistic websites pandering to the whims and ideologies of the snowflake far-left and their bedfellows in the Islamic outrage community. What we need to look at now is whether ebay is consistent in adhering to their “offensive material policy” which you can find by clicking HERE.

ebay’s Lack Of Consistency

Let’s make a start by quoting their own policy back at them and consequently expose them for the hypocrites they are. ebay’s policy clearly states that they:

“prohibit the sale of items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views”.

Apparently, any Tommy Robinson merchandise falls into one of the above categories. So let’s take a look at what ebay is selling and whether they apply the same “logic” to other goods advertised on their website.

Ebay Sells The Anarchist Cookbook

Ebay Sells The Anarchist Cookbook

William Powell originally wrote the Anarchist cookbook; it was first published in 1971. The book provides the reader with instructions on how to make explosives, commit sabotage, create booby traps, how to surveil and make improvised weapons, amongst other things. All of these “instructions” and “guidance” are based on and around topics related to anarchism. The author himself tried to have his book banned from publication after seeing the error of his ways. William Powell did not own the copyright, so the publisher carried on publishing his works. There have been several changes in the ownership of the publishing copyright, it is said that more than two million copies have been sold worldwide.

The FBI concluded that the chapter on explosives “appears to be accurate in most respects”, and the book itself did not stretch to “forcible resistance to any law of the United States”. The book, therefore, is protected under the auspices of the first amendment, although understandably is a cause for great concern.

You can find out more about this book by clicking HERE and HERE.

The book clearly does not concern ebay in any way. Just let that sink in a moment. A book providing information on how to make explosives and improvised weapons with an anarchistic tilt is perfectly fine to sell on ebay. A t-shirt with anything Pro-Tommy Robinson is a danger to the general public and gets barred from sale on their platform!

You can read about two baby-faced Nazis who got convicted for the possession of the anarchist cookbook by clicking HERE.

Mein Kampf – Available On ebay

Part of ebay’s “offensive material policy” includes: “Items that were owned by, affiliated with, or books written by Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler”, as you can see below.

Ebay's Hypocritical Policies

Ebay’s Hypocritical Policies

So why on earth is Mein Kampf still available to purchase on the ebay website? Didn’t Hitler write this book? Perhaps Hitler’s autobiographical works are nowhere near as dangerous or as hateful as any Tommy Robinson merchandise?

Ebay Sells Hitlers Mein Kampf

Ebay Sells Hitler’s Mein Kampf

To summarise – ebay allows books that promote racial hatred and supremacy, ebay also allows the selling of an anarchistic influenced book that tells its readers how to make explosives and improvised weapons.

You decide, what is more dangerous?

The hypocrisy of ebay is truly astounding!

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