Donald Trump KILLED Illegal Immigrant Father And Daughter

by TR News

The arguments for and against immigration are contentious; it is a political debate fuelled by emotion and despair. The need for sovereignty also fuels the argument, as does the necessity for all governments to protect their people from Terrorism, Disease and Bankruptcy.

The whole debate about illegal immigration is very nuanced; that being said, there is a vast difference between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigration.

From what we have seen on various TV networks, and from what has been written in multiple tabloids over the last two and a half years, one thing seems to be certain.

Donald Trump is a Nazi and he runs concentration camps on the USA/Mexico border.

Well, now we can add to that impressive list of “orange man bad” memes – killer of illegal immigrants!

Despite Donald Trump repeatedly saying that he’s not against LEGAL immigration, only ILLEGAL immigration, he is still a Nazi. Even though he made a solid case for building a wall along the USA/Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants, drugs, human and child sex trafficking, he is still a Nazi.

Donald Trump Kills Immigrants

The Democratic Party have just started to allow their members to campaign and run for the Presidential elections in 2020. There are plenty of nominees who hate Donald Trump, and it would be fair to say they don’t want to let a human tragedy go to waste, especially when it scores them political points.

In comes Julian Castro, a former Housing and Urban Development secretary under the Obama administration. He pledged to undo Donald Trump’s immigration policies, he now advocates for open borders. This would mean more incentives for illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human and child sex trafficking, everything Donald Trump is opposed to and wants to stop.

The left always conflates ILLEGAL immigration with LEGAL immigration; they use doublespeak to make the argument “general” and not “specific”. The left accuses Donald Trump of being against immigrants; he is not, he has been on record enough times saying that. Donald Trump welcomes immigrants; however, he has stressed they must come in through a legal process, but you would never know given the coverage of his white supremacist and Nazi credentials by the opposition party and mainstream media.

Julian Castro blames Donald Trump for the recent drowning of an illegal immigrant father and his daughter. Donald Trump did not “make” anyone cross a dangerous river; illegal immigrants know that attempting to cross a border illegally, especially one that has a raging river running by it, is dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Did Julian Castro speak about the GREATER NUMBER OF FATALITIES at the USA/Mexico border during the Obama administration?


Did Julian Castro denounce Barack Hussein Obama as the deporter in chief, who, during his time as president, deported maybe more than three million illegal immigrants from the USA?

No, of course he didn’t, because Obama shared the same political ideology, so attacking him in the same way would not make any sense at all.

Politicians are not only two-faced hypocrites, but they also connive and convince through deception, by the omission of uncomfortable facts, and accuse others of something they, themselves, are responsible for.

Donald Trump said there was a crisis at the border, Democrats ignored the issue and then accused Donald Trump of “manufacturing” the crisis at the border. Well, now there’s tragic evidence of a crisis, a crisis fed by laws that incentivise illegal immigration. Something Donald Trump has been trying to fix since he took office.

Ah, now we know why Democrats don’t want to fix the problem, they want to import a massive voting block for generations to come, the illegality of that is not an issue for them because it is all about holding onto power, if its illegal, then so be it.

Democrats, the party of Jim-Crow, Segregation, and the KKK don’t care about illegal immigration, if they did they would fix the laws that incentivise it and actually SAVE LIVES.

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