Donald Trump Holds A Rally In Minneapolis.

by TR News

Exposing the deep state and draining the political swamp in Washington was a campaign promise to Make America Great Again. Donald Trump holds a rally in Minneapolis.

Hating America And Dumbing Down Terrorism

Donald Trump took his political campaign to the state of Minnesota in the city of Minneapolis. Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be a classic example of the American dream. Ilhan arrived in the United States in 1992 as a Somali refugee, and now she is a member of congress. A black Somali Muslim woman making a political career as a member of congress cannot be an indicator or a product of an oppressive and inherently racist country.

Ilhan represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district which has majority-white demographic of nearly 70%. If America was so inherently racist, then an awful lot of white racists voted her into office, which makes little to no sense. Ilhan has caught the ire of many Republicans and some Democrats in Washington with her Anti-Semitic remarks. Her “dumbing down” of the 911 terrorist attacks on the world trade centre in New York as well as her soft stance on Al-Qaeda made people aware of her radical political views.

Donald Trump had the audacity to call her out for her controversial views, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, Ilhan always plays the “racism” “xenophobic” and “hatred of women of colour” card to silence legitimate criticism of her politics and hatred for America. Ilhan’s Democrat colleagues are happy to support her victim narrative of course because they love to play identity politics.

Making America Great Again

Aside from calling out a democratically elected member of Congress, President Donald Trump has also called out the swamp creatures that dwell in the upper and lower houses. Political swamp creatures in Washington have enriched themselves while simultaneously denying Americans the chance to better themselves economically.

Politicians end up jumping into bed with foreign government lobbyists to make ridiculous amounts of money to the detriment of the average American worker. At his packed-out rally, President Trump raises the spectre of Joe Biden and his son’s apparent corruption and enrichment off the back of some dodgy dealings with a corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

Donald Trump is not afraid to call out corruption, but in doing so, he risks the ire of powerful, faceless desperate bureaucrats. These faceless bureaucrats are helping Democrats try to impeach Trump and remove him from office. That sounds like Donald has been stepping on a few swamp creatures toes in Washington to us, long may that continue!

Drain that swamp Mr President!

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