Do Not Scrutinise Muslim And BAME Labour Candidates!

by TR News

Maliha Reza is a political activist, a youth officer and women’s officer for Labour. Do Not Scrutinise Muslim And BAME Labour Candidates!

Scrutiny Is Racism

Maliha Reza wrote an article for LABOURLIST today, and it was MAGNIFICENT, a true reflection of generation snowflake. We will today go through her exhilarating piece of intersectional political groupthink and see where we go with it. The moral of the story is that Muslim and BAME political party candidates are subjected to “hyper-scrutiny” in comparison to their “white counterparts”.

You can read Maliha’s article yourselves by clicking HERE.

Diane Abbott - Low IQ

Diane Abbott – Low IQ

Breaking Down Degeneracy

Maliha’s quotes in red:

“It is clear that we are moving in the right direction, towards breaking the chain of old, white and privileged cis men being offered safe seats to represent often diverse constituencies.”

Instead, you can replace these types of candidates for young, non-white, perpetually victimised transgender women? Does substance, expertise and meritocracy mean anything any more? Surely a qualified and competent person should suffice? Or are qualifications and competency part of the problem here?

“We must acknowledge that PPCs who are women, often Muslim and/or from BAME* backgrounds, have been subject to intense hyper-scrutinisation online.”

Assuming you mean PPCs are “Political Party Candidates” who cares? Men, often non-Muslim and caucasian, have been subjected to intense hyper-scrutinisation online. Take for example Brexit Party candidate Ian Gorman or Conservative candidate Karl McCartney as just two examples. Politicians should be scrutinised regardless of their gender, religion, their colour or racial background. Women or anyone from the BAME community should never be immune to scrutiny, even “hyper-scrutiny”; otherwise, you are promoting the bigotry of low expectations.

“The problem is that once candidates are selected, they are subjected to yet another round of social media checks by fellow party members and journalists. This second round has had a disproportionate impact on candidates from BAME backgrounds and who are Muslim, with the scrutiny often focusing on their approach to racism or issues of foreign policy.”

Good, ALL politicians should be subjected to a further round of scrutiny. If there is a disproportionate impact on people from BAME backgrounds who are also Muslim who cares? If a BAME Muslim politician cannot stand scrutiny, then he/she/whatever shouldn’t go for a career in politics where the court of public opinion rules. Approaches to racism and foreign policy are important issues, just because someone is from a minority group it doesn’t mean they cannot be racist or race-baiting idiots, on the contrary, they can and when they do they should be pulled up for it, just like Diane Abbott has been.

Maliha And Low IQ Friend

Maliha And Low IQ Friend

Not impressed with your “inspirational” low IQ friend Diane Abbott Maliha, shes as inspirational as a top-shelf cabbage on the veg market. Its easier to find inspiration inside a soiled nappy truth be told!

God help our future generations!

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