DO NOT PAY – For A BBC TV Licence

by TR News

Over 3 MILLION pensioners over the age of 75 are now being FORCED to pay for their TV licence.

The UK government subsidised the over 75 demographic; however, this government scheme will run out in 2020, which means the decision to continue subsidising the over 75 demographic was left to the BBC itself.

The BBC or Biased Broadcasting Corporation, put its corporate interests first and foremost and stuck the middle finger up to the over 75 demographic which includes veterans of world war 2, even though they collect over 4 BILLION pounds of our money to spin news stories, and push out propagandist Fake-News.

Hardly worth the watch or the money when you think about it.

Social Justice Warrior, football pundit and presenter Gary Lineker only receives a measly 1.8 MILLION pounds a year from the BBC. He is also the only one of the BBC’s “bset paid stars (cough, cough,cough) who REFUSED a pay cut. That alone should be enough to put people off from paying a TV licence in the first place.

Maybe as he’s such a “compassionate” lefty, he will donate his entire yearly wage to offset the hurt caused to the over 75 world war 2 veteran demographic? Or maybe he will hide in his mansion, surrounded by a huge wall or fence, secure in the gated community to which he belongs all while tweeting furiously about Donald Trump.


So he can show the world how virtuous he is.

Apart from overpaid second rate lefty punditry, the BBC has a troubled past when it comes down to covering up paedophilia within its rank and file.

Does anyone need any other reason to cancel their TV licence?

We have taken the opportunity to show how you can cancel your TV licence, why should you pay for a second rate propagandist network of SJW’s and defenders of child molesters?

You can do this online, go to the TV licencing webpage HERE and fill out the form; it doesn’t take long at all.

You can also find useful videos HERE and HERE if you have any further doubts or questions.

The BBC should be ashamed of itself and its corporate greed, although we doubt the movers and the shakers at the top of its food chain really give a crap.


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