DIRTY Politics Of The Far-Left

by TR News

During Tommy’s campaign, running as an MEP for the North West, we had information passed over to us that required further investigation.

We were told on one occasion the leaflets that Tommy’s campaign had paid for, ones that were to be distributed by post in Irthington, just outside Carlisle, had not been delivered as they should have been, in fact, the leaflets were delivered at one address with no occupants and still in the box.

We had made a complaint to Royal Mail business department who then advised us, after investigating the person (who was referred to as “she” over the phone) responsible they were going to “re-train” her? This alleged female was supposed to take the leaflets out of the box and deliver them to every address on her round; this did not happen because she didn’t want Tommy’s campaign material distributed.

We were unhappy with that response and Royal Mail refused (at least their business department did) to divulge any more information or to put that in writing to us, we did not expect to have the “she” name involved in this because that would be covered under data protection law, every employer has a duty of care to its employees. What Royal Mail could have done is put in writing to us that they found the person responsible, who did not distribute the leaflets and that action will be taken with that individual.

Royal mail did not want to do that.

We were not happy with that “fob-off.”

So we escalated the complaint, which is now in the hands of the “Election Support Team” at Royal Mail, they have the original complaint reference, they also know they have a legal obligation under the “Representation of the People Act 1983”, to distribute electioneering campaign material.

We will wait and hear from them in due course, let’s see what comes of that complaint.

Now for a far more clear-cut case of pretty much the same issue, our friends on the far-left and their union paymasters are at it again, election interference. The left does love to play dirty, its easy for them to do that when massive unions back them up.

Take a look at Wirral Trades Union Council on Facebook HERE.

They also have a twitter feed that you can find HERE.

Wirral TUC Facebook Post

Wirral Trades Union Council Facebook page have openly thanked “posties” for not delivering Tommys electoral campaign leaflets, which is in breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

Shocker! Who would have thought a trade union would use dirty tricks and thank those who participated in dirty tricks to reduce Tommy’s chances of being elected?

The reach of union tentacles does not stop there; we have highlighted some parts of the screen grab for you on the Facebook page, take note its affiliation to Antifa.

Now let’s look at this Anthony Clayton who posted a comment on the Trades Union Council Facebook thread, he claims to be a “postie”, he and 6 of his “comrades” didn’t deliver the leaflets either?

When we look at Anthony Clayton, we can see his profile links to the CWU, The Communication Workers Union, which is UK based. The union states on its website that it is affiliated to the TUC and UNI and that it has close links to members of parliament.

The Communications Workers Union

The Communications Workers Union

You can see Anthony Clayton’s profile HERE.

Anthony Clayton Facebook

You can find the CWU website HERE.

Could it be purely coincidental that someone affiliated to The Communication Workers Union won’t deliver electoral campaign leaflets?

Well, as it happens, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Back in 2009 the BNP had leaflets they wanted to distribute, 100 workers in the West Country told union leaders they would not carry the leaflets, the Communication Workers Union argued that Royal Mail was breaking a ‘conscience clause’ agreed several years before allowing staff to refuse to deliver literature they find offensive.

You can find a link to that information HERE.

Before the rabid left jump on this as an endorsement from us at TR News for the BNP it is not, we are merely highlighting the fact that this union is happy to defend posties from delivering material they don’t like. What if a “postie” finds a stamp offensive and against their personal beliefs?

We don’t like a lot of things, and we don’t like a particular type of people but guess what? We have to live and work with them anyway; we can’t pick and choose our customers, what kind of a business model is that exactly?

One set for failure and litigation.

Royal Mail, sort out your employees, if you can’t do that, then it may be wise for you to consider alternative staff who will deliver electoral campaign leaflets. If you don’t do that, it may be wise for you to remove the electoral leaflet delivery service from your business model altogether. If you don’t do that, then be prepared to be held to account, for failing on your promise.

If Tommy’s campaign pays for a service, they should expect that service to be carried out without complications due to individual employees and their political opposition to him. Wouldnt you also be in breach of a contractual agreement between yourselves and Tommy’s campaign?

We will wait for the Royal Mail election team to get in touch with results after a full investigation, we will see what happens. Royal Mail has a fair chance to get this issue fixed amicably.

Watch this space.


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