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Tommy witnessed an elderly couple who were coughed at, spat at, abused and then assaulted by Hitchins finest. Deport Omar The Plastic Shankin Gangsta Fam!

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Rewind And Remember Fam

You may remember an article and video we put out on the 21st of March, it went viral, and for good reason. Tommy witnessed an abusive gang of degenerate youth who abused, coughed and spat in the faces of an elderly couple. Tommy challenged them, and like typical plastic gangstas, they decided to have a swinging dick competition with him. An older woman was punched in the face, which caused her a swollen and blackened eye. Her car was also smashed up by these thugs.

MILLIONS of people who watched that video were outraged, and so they should be. The behaviour of these “big boi” feral youths was despicable. They are an example of everything wrong in British culture; they lack morals and discipline.

Read the article and watch the video by clicking HERE

Diverse Discipline

After the viral video, Tommy got inundated with calls from locals in the Hitchin area. These people have been affected by Omar’s, Tariq’s and DJ’s gang of abusive smack and crack dealing scumbags. What Tommy found out was even more outrageous.

A group of “handy lads” went to Hitchin for a walk, to soak up the culture and atmosphere of the town the day after Tommy confronted abusive youths (before the lockdown). This group consisted of white and Jamaican lads. Also, there were some of Tommy’s Pakistani friends from Luton in attendance. All of them united in anger and disgust at what went on with Tommy. They also heard the stories of local victims. They were eager to soak up the culture and atmosphere of Hitchins finest.

Hitchens Horrible History

This gang of plastic wannabe shankin gangsta bad bois have a reputation and pretty lousy form. Tommy found out they dragged a disabled man out of his car; they beat him and spat at him (they have form for spitting). Despite there being a sample of DNA on their victim Hertfordshire Police did nothing about it. That poor man was later advised by Police to change his car, which he did so that his vehicle wouldn’t be identified again for another attack.

Imagine how that disabled man felt after that pathetic piss poor Police response?

Tommy also found out that the gang of feral degenerates attacked a father who was protecting his daughter at the time, this gang put him in hospital for his trouble.

Tommy asks a pertinent question.

Why are the crimes committed by this feral gang of degenerate smack and crack dealing youth being swept under the carpet?

If these examples were not enough, a pregnant woman with a young baby was abused by Tariq in a shop. Tariq was chased out of the shop by her partner at the time. How much lower can these scumbags actually go? Well as it turns out, much lower!

Tommy was sent video footage of a gang member carrying a knife, sent to attack a young boy who dared to wander into “their estate”. Tariq can be heard encouraging a lad known as Tubby to “shank” the young boy. In other words, he was encouraging Tubby to stab and murder a young boy for the crime of riding his bike into “their estate”. This is the state of degenerate, disgusting and despicable feral youth today, absolute scumbags!

Fair play to the young lad in the video who stood up to them, he took a chain off them and fought back. These cowards, these scumbags, these immoral and abusive youth run when confronted by those prepared to stand their ground.

If you thought all these incidents are bad, think again, there’s more!

Back in December last year a sixteen-year-old boy was attacked by the gang, he was beaten with a metal bar which caused injuries to his arm and his head. The poor boy had to be treated for his injuries in hospital. Although Hertfordshire Police called for witnesses, nothing came of the case, so it was closed.

The good news is that after Tommy and a few lads decided to go sightseeing in Hitchin, Hertfordshire Police have now re-opened the case. Police will now investigate the attack with “more urgency”.

Kane Simms - Shanking Scrote Gangsta Boi

Kane Simms – Shanking Scrote Gangsta Boi

Kane Simms is another degenerate little scrote, a plastic gangsta boi, a hard man with a reputation. Tommy’s video went viral; people shared it all over the internet, including locals from the Hitchin area. One of the locals, a young girl, was threatened by him. He told her that if she didn’t pull the post down, he would visit her home by 12 and stab her.

Text Messages From Girls Mother

Text Messages From Girls Mother

Prostrating Police

All of these despicable “incidents” involve youths raised in a world of greed; they have zero morals and no respect for anyone or anything. Handy lads don’t claim to be perfect, they don’t claim to be whiter than white, but they do have a moral compass, one that respects the elderly and the vulnerable. They can and do seek out the degenerates within our society, and they are prepared to take action if needs be.

Before the Police call out suspected “vigilanteism” they need to take a serious look at themselves. Over and over again, Hertfordshire Police have failed the community they are entrusted to protect. They have failed to protect the weak, the elderly and the most vulnerable. They shouldn’t be shocked if handy lads step into the fray and deal with a problem they are either too incompetent or too frightened to handle.

The local community have thanked Tommy and the group of sightseeing handy lads for visiting Hitchen because now the Police have had to deal with this degenerate, disrespectful and disgusting scumbag gang. Many of whom have now been moved out of the area “for their own safety”.

Fatal Finality Fam

Smile gang fam, you are known all over the UK, you are known to all within the Hitchin and Luton community, there won’t be a place you can walk through without being recognised by someone, someone far handier and capable than you plastic gangsta boi pricks.

Omar, the illegal immigrant Gambian wannabe gangsta, needs to be DEPORTED from the United Kingdom. Tommy has set up a website to petition for his deportation. The UK has given Omar a home, a roof over his head at taxpayers expense, they have done this even though he should be entitled to NOTHING, coming here illegally. Omar, the ringleader of this despicable gang, has bitten the hand that feeds him, he has taken the piss, poured drugs into the community and shaken locals down with beatings and muggings.

Omar, the United Kingdom is not your home; you are not a civilised and well-integrated addition to the UK. Nobody wants you here, none of the white lads, none of the Jamaican lads and none of the Pakistani lads who visited your home address want you here.

Get Omar OUT.
Sign the petition!
Let’s kick this degenerate piss-taking plastic gangsta boi out of the UK once and for all.

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