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The "Power" Of LGBTQ Diverstity

Last year, the Department for Education (DfE) fabricated issues of criminal behaviour in its secret advice to local authorities about school protests. Ostensibly, this was in response to the much-publicised protests outside primary schools in Birmingham. Parents there disagreed with views on sexuality and gender being taught to their children. The Department For Education’s War On Parents Rights.

After every Birmingham protest, these parents asked the police, who were always present, if they had broken any law. They were always told “no”. If you had read anything about this situation at the time, you will know that’s a very different picture from the one fed to the public by the mainstream media.

But it appears the DfE used these incidents as an excuse to mobilise school staff against people peacefully exercising their right to free speech, not only in Birmingham, but anywhere else around the country.

You might think That group in Birmingham was Muslim. I wouldn’t have the same problems with what the school is teaching. It wasn’t Muslims who complained about sexual content in the All About Me Programme recommended by Warwickshire County Council to 240 schools. It wasn’t Muslim parents who complained about RSE homework on sexual terms given to children as young as eleven in Hull. This affects everybody.

As the result of public pressure, the DfE was forced to make known its advice to local authorities. This revealed a catalogue of views and recommendations that showed the DfE to be against any parent dissenting over LGBT elements being taught to their children as part of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

Department recommendations included:

spying on disenfranchised parents
early warning systems
passing by-laws to prevent parents peacefully protesting outside their schools
involving the police when no law had been broken

These are all evidence of the DfE’s war on parents. But the Department is acting way outside its remit. In Birmingham, for example, parents were protesting over teaching that was not in accordance with their philosophical or religious convictions. This kind of teaching contravenes their human rights, according to an Act of Parliament passed in 1998 (Human Rights Act 1998). Parental views are also strongly supported in the Education Act of 1996, and even in the RSE Regulations themselves (RSE Regulations 2019).

Despite this, one mother was told it was none of her business what the school chose to teach her child about relationships and sex. In another school, the headteacher refused to tell parents what the school was teaching in RSE. In the state’s opinion, parents shouldn’t show too much interest in what their children are learning, and any disagreement with DfE’s views (those of a Stonewall Champion) should be quashed. But the truth is, hiding these matters from parents and teaching against their wishes is breaking the law.

Roger Kiska – The Christian Legal Centre

Roger Kiska, of the Christian Legal Centre, stated:

“The Department’s advice document, in a single swoop, takes aim at numerous fundamental rights including freedom of association, freedom of religion, parental rights and even freedom of the press. The very thought that it has been issued by a government department is an affront to the British values that the Department claims to promote.”

You can view that “advice document” by CLICKING HERE.

All schools in England should consult with parents about their RSE policy, according to the law. As teaching is to start as soon as possible this academic year, it is imperative that parents take action and avail themselves of this legal requirement of consultation. Then they can view the samples that the DfE says should be made available, and have their say about what will be taught to their children – especially on sex, sexuality and gender.

Parent’s views are paramount in the education of their children. They are primary educators in law. In light of the above, one could conclude that the “consultations” that broke down in the schools in Birmingham, resulting in parental protests, were not carried out by school staff in good faith. Hopefully your school is different. But the only way to find out is to ask.

Please CLICK HERE for more information and letter templates that will help you address these issues with your childs school.

Remember, from September this year it will be compulsory for your child to learn about LGBT relationships in school.


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