Demonstration Is Cancelled

by TR News

An urgent message to all patriots, with regret we have to inform you that for reasons beyond our control, the August 24th demonstration is cancelled.

We told the Met Police we would not liaise with them because of their demonstrably insidious, underhand and threatening behaviours that were demonstrated at the last #FreeTommy event.

After the appalling police operation on the 3rd of August, that led to a gang of masked baton-wielding thugs escorted towards the peaceful, free Tommy demo, the police contacted our events team asking “If there was anything on your side we can follow up?”.

Our team responded with a detailed critique of the policing operation; the Met then contacted our team, pleading with us to get in touch about the planned #FreeTommy demonstration on the 24th.

After much soul searching, we decided for the safety of patriots attending the event we would once more engage. We offered the Met Police an olive branch with compromise. We asked them if they would give us a commitment to change the policy of marching masked violent Antifa thugs to within spitting distance of our peaceful demos.

Our request got contemptuously dismissed, which left the team feeling that the police are not interested in defending our right to freedom of assembly without threat or intimidation from far-left “Sturmabteilung” on the 24th.

We will review the situation in the coming weeks; however, we believe the policing of our demos need to be examined at the highest level to prevent any further disorder and flashpoints.

Tommy is aware of the disgusting heavy-handed behaviour of the Met Police; he knows how they work. Tommy has suggested that to save brave and committed patriots time, money and the potential for violence, it is best that the demonstration is cancelled. Tommy does not want innocent supporters attacked and arrested by a political Police force.

Tommy knows, as do the demonstration organisers, that some patriots will have already made arrangements and paid for travel and accommodation. We also know that despite the cancellation of this event, patriots will want to exercise their freedom of speech and their freedom of assembly as enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights.

To all patriots who will be going or intending to go into London on the 24th of August, we ask that you exercise your rights in a peaceful manner and within the boundaries of the law. We are in no position to tell you what to do, especially given the fact that we have had to cancel this demo, we can only advise you.

Tommy will be out of prison in just over three weeks; he can’t wait to thank you all personally for your dedication, your passion and your unrivalled patriotism.

God bless you all!

For further information clarifying your right to static protest click HERE and HERE and HERE for guidance.

There is no need to inform the Police prior to a demonstration or assembly in a public place. Under the Public Order Act, the Police have specific powers to control assemblies but CANNOT ban assemblies.

It may be worthwhile you taking a copy of the Public Order Act 1986 with you just in case. It is also worthwhile making sure you take photos and video footage..

The right to freedom of assembly is also guaranteed by Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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