Democrats Vow To Impeach President Donald Trump

by TR News

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senators and Congressmen have sought to destroy the current administration. Now Democrats vow to impeach President Donald Trump.

Draining The Swamp

During Donald Trump’s election campaign, one of the most popular slogans chanted at his rallies was “drain the swamp”. Donald Trump got voted in by the American electorate to get rid of swampy corruption in Washington DC. Corruption in American politics as well as the “deep state” has gone on for many many years, and usually, an American President needs the aid of a corrupt establishment to sit in the oval office. Donald Trump broke that mould; he was and is rich enough to not care about their influence and money.

Donald Trump could not and cannot be “bought off” by globalists, which upsets them greatly; it also poses them a unique threat. He does not care about them; they can not control him because he owes them NOTHING. It’s a unique position to be in as a President of the United States of America, his detractors, political adversaries and the deep state hates it.

Disruptor In Cheif

During Donald Trump’s campaign, he continually hit Hillary Clinton for the corrupt swamp creature she is. He constantly hammered home the message about the corruption with the Clinton Foundation and how Hillary avoided prison with the help of the FBI and its bad cop director James Comey. Subsequent congressional and senate hearings and investigations uncovered a clear bias towards Hillary Clinton while exposing clear animus towards Donald Trump. The Donald was not supposed to become President! Since Donald Trump won the election, he has had to endure multiple investigations, including one directed by Robert Muller as a special counsel. The belief, or perhaps, more accurately, the hope, was that he would be found to have conspired with Russia in order to become President. After more than two years of the special counsel’s investigation, he was found not guilty of ANY charges Democratic Party members breathlessly accused him of. A MASSIVE fail that not only exposed the Democrats for the Trump haters they are; it also revealed the lengths they would go to poison the Presidency. Delegitimising Donald Trump, in the court of public opinion, was their goal; it still is. However, Donald always punches back.

From Russiagate To Bidengate

The Democrat Party are currently going through a selection process with candidates vying to become the challenger to Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Most if not all of these candidates are far-left Trump-hating Socialists, they want blood, and they don’t care how they get it. Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States of America under Barack Hussain Obama. He just so happens to be one of the candidates vying for the position of challenging Donald Trump in 2020.

Joe Biden has been in politics forever; he is a veteran swamp dweller of the swampiest kind. Many people love Joe Biden in America but were unaware of his corruption, that is until recently. Donald Trump found out, through his lawyer former Mayor of New York Rudi Giuliani, that Joe Biden’s son had received a bit fat paycheck from the Chinese Government, the video at the top of this page will explain the reasoning behind all of this.

Donald Trump knew that Joe Biden interfered with a Ukrainian investigation into corruption. Joe threatened to stop monies that were promised to the Ukrainian Government by the United States if the problematic Ukrainian prosecutor didn’t go away”.

As If By Magic

Donald Trump recently spoke to the President of Ukraine by phone and allegedly brought up the issue of Joe Biden and his son. Someone in the deep state then become a “whistleblower” and word got out that Donald Trump had either pressurised or bribed the President to “look into the matter”. Apparently the “whistleblower” got this information from a second or third hand “source”. Joe Biden, being a protected member of the Democratic swamp is a legitimate candidate to challenge Trump in the 2020 election. Now Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi has gone on record to start an impeachment process in an attempt to remove Donald Trump from power.

The thing is, Donald knew they wanted to do this for some time, and has likely set them up for a big fall. Once the transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian President comes out (likely tomorrow), there will be more egg on Democrat’s faces. Further investigations of Joe Biden and his son will pour more salt into the wound and reveal yet more swampy corruption of Democratic Washington DC.

Get your popcorn out tomorrow; the swamp is being drained.

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