Deep State Agents Attempt To Remove Trump

by TR News

Back in 2016, Democrats and the Obama administration worked overtime to deny Donald Trump the presidency. Deep state agents attempt to remove Trump again.

Deep State TDS

One of Britains better journalistic exports to our cousins across the pond is none other than Steve Hilton. In the video above, Steve brilliantly breaks down the deep states latest attempt to deny the democratic choice of the American people.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (or TDS for short) is a chronic condition that has spread throughout the USA. Rabid left-wingers, Democrat politicians, never-Trump Republicans and deep state agents want to undo the democratic will of the American electorate. These groups have plotted before and since Donald Trump took his oath to office.

No More Deep State

No More Deep State

Trump Challenges Intelligence Agencies

Donald Trump is an unbelievably successful billionaire businessman. People may not like his personality, his ego, the words he uses or some of his policies, but they can’t deny his success as President.

The American economy is roaring, unemployment is at record-breaking lows, and generally speaking, people are better off with the tax-cuts he introduced. Under Trump’s presidency, the American military has had massive injections of cash to build itself back up after years of neglect and insufficient funding by the Obama administration.

One thing that does stand out about Donald Trump is that he has an aversion to embroiling America in unnecessary wars. Donald has pushed his military to destroy ISIS in Syria which he has done, their caliphate has been demolished, and he has ordered many of the American troops based there back home.

Donald has criticised an ongoing war in Afghanistan that he sees as a waste of money and time, again, he is looking to reduce the American presence in that region of the world. He has managed to steer America away from a nuclear war with North Korea, and now there is a real chance for peace on the Korean peninsula.

The only other current problem Trump has geopolitically is with Iran, a hardline “death to the west” Shiite revolutionary Islamic hell-hole that happens to be one of the leading exporters of state-sponsored terrorism across the world. Even now, he is being even-handed with Iran, Trump is a pragmatist, and sometimes you have to deal with tyrants whether you like it or not. Trump has consistently said that America will not be the world’s policeman.

Trump’s geopolitical pragmatism and his reluctance to start wars that destabilise world peace is anathema to the “liberal left” deep state who love war and regime change. Trump has always pushed back on his own “intelligence” agencies, or perhaps certain individuals within them who are used to getting their own way.

We just need to ask ourselves this question. Is it any surprise that a CIA agent has been revealed as the “whistleblower” behind the latest Democratic coup? Are we surprised this will be the THIRD TIME a private conversation between Donald Trump and another world leader has managed to be revealed to the world in an attempt to either discredit him or remove him from office?

The deep state doesn’t want Donald Trump in office, he campaigned on draining the Washington swamp, and he spoke negatively on deep state agents making terrible decisions that led to war, the cost of American lives and tax-payers money.

Chucky Schumer, the Democrat leader of the senate, couldn’t have put it better when he revealed what the deep state can do to Donald Trump.

The thing is, Donald Trump doesn’t really care what they think, he has a mandate from the American people, shadowy bureaucratic “intelligence” agents with their own agenda do not.

Carry on draining that swamp Mr President!

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