David Lammy And Revolutionary Race-Baiting Relativism

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Stacey Dooley White Saviour?

Social cohesion is always something we should work towards, but is David Lammy and revolutionary race-baiting relativism the key to achieving that goal?

There’s Absolute Truth, And Then There’s David’s Truth

The Labour MP for Tottenham is, of course, the one and only David Lammy. David has come under fire many times by courting what seem to be controversial positions on several different topics. However, there are none more polarising than issues of race, religion, culture and politics. David is more than happy to “weigh-in” with seemingly hysterical misjudgements and misrepresentations, but he will stand firmly by them. Agree with him or not, at least he has the courage of his convictions even if they are “way out there” and “far removed from reality”.

Cast your minds back to a couple of relatively recent explosive statements and positions he has taken. First, let’s take a look at the controversy he caused by criticising Comic Relief sending Stacey Dooley to Africa calling her out as a “white saviour”.

David Lammy Race Baiting

David Lammy Race Baiting

The first thing that immediately jumps to mind here is David’s criticism of a charity sending a “white saviour” to Africa to raise awareness. If any white person were to mention anything like that about a black person, they would be immediately hounded as “racist bigots”. What the hell has someone’s skin colour have to do with raising money for children in Africa?

Nazis And Arguing With False Equivalencies

David is absolutely Anti-Brexit, he has equated British politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg and people who voted for Brexit in the referendum as being Nazis. Yes, people and politicians who want out of Europe are as bad as, if not worse than the National Socialists of the 1930s and 1940s who murdered millions of people because of their sexual orientation, race and religion.

Equating the genocidal murder of groups of people based off of specific characteristics is just as bad as anyone exercising their democratic right to vote and leave the European Union. David loves to relativise dark historical events in history and then make an argument from a false equivalence. As if placing a tick on a voting card is tantamount to murdering millions of people? David is frankly INSANE for drawing such a comparison, but he does not care, in fact, he has “doubled down” on those accusations because they are HIS TRUTH. Giving kudos to David for not backing down on analogous aspersions is much like congratulating a child for failing a history exam in the most miserable way possible.

Post Modernist Or Authoritarian Socialist?

David can be likened to a post-modernist because that particular “philosophical trait” as it were, cannot be defined by definition. Post-modernists believe in no “absolute truth” there is only “personal truths or opinions”. Facts are just a construct of an individual rather than anything absolute, facts are a nothing but a “contrived illusion” as it were. You can debate post-modernists until you are blue in the face because anything empirical is irrelevant, the ONLY truth is personal truth, and what matters to David is inevitably HIS TRUTH.

David does at times, expose his authoritarian Communist and Socialist leanings. For example, HIS TRUTH far outweighs the rights of others to have dissenting views or opinions. Let’s just take Brexit, for instance. David knows there is a demonstration on Saturday that will be held in London by the DFLA (Democratic Football Lads Alliance). The purpose of the demonstration is to show politicians that we have had enough of the Parliamentary Pan-European cabal opposing the will of the people.

Here is David’s Tweet:

David Lammy The Tyrant

David Lammy The Tyrant

“Racist bully boy Tommy Robinson Supporters” are not welcome in Tottenham, ban them from pubs and bars. If Tommy supporters are not banned, the pub and bar owners should have their licences blocked. Now that is unbelievably AUTHORITARIAN, those are the political leanings of a TYRANT! But here is the Irony, just in case nobody has already spotted it. The picture he has posted on his twitter feed has “people of colour” in it. Are these “brown non-white saviours” the second coming of the Third Reich? Or are they just lads of all backgrounds coming together with one voice exercising their democratic right to dissent?

David, far from working towards community cohesion, is actively working towards destroying it. He sees the world through a racial and ideological lens. David is deliberately dividing people by their race, by the colour of their skin, because he does not like people opposing HIS TRUTH.

David is a narcissistic ideologue however calling HIS TRUTH out for the fallacious nonsense it is, is most gratifying indeed.

Judge a man not by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character.

Unfortunately David cannot, and will not do that because only HIS TRUTH matters. Davids truth divides, just dont let it conquer.

Melanin has no bearing on an individuals ideology.

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