Danish Fake-News Media Manufactured A Manipulative Mess

by TR News
Søren-Espersen - Danish People's Party

Danish People’s Party Søren Espersen MP called out Deadline and its host Steen Nørskov as liars. Danish Fake-News Media Manufactured A Manipulative Mess.

Danish Politicians Stand For Truth

Danish People’s Party Søren Espersen accused DR’s news programme “Deadline” of running “Fake-News”. The Danish Free-Press Society’s Aia Fog was invited for an interview from Danish TV channel DR2’s “Deadline” programme (as was Tommy Robinson). During Aia’s interview Deadline host Steen Nørskov played a video of Tommy Robinson knocking on Mike Stuchbery’s door shouting at Mike to come out and talk.

Mike refused Tommy’s offer, instead preferring to “cower and shake like a shitting dog” while he frantically called the police, Tommy rightfully called him out as a coward. This footage played out on the Deadline set that host Steen Nørskov made Aia watch. Steen then challenged Aia about the footage and asked her if this is “a worthy way for an award recipient to act?”, it was nothing more than a set-up “gotcha” moment. Aia would not have known about the incident or the reasons why Tommy knocked on Mike Stuchbery’s door. The optics of the video were deliberately cut and then it was presented without any “context”. This was done to paint the very worst picture of Tommy. The left-wing narrative and description of Tommy being a “Thug, Nazi, Racist” must be presented to domestic and international audiences at all times by the media. This is done so that audiences formulate a “thuggish hate figure” in their mind, as opposed to a “truth-telling” journalist who exposes and then reports on fake-news. We don’t expect the Independent to get in touch and employ the services of a “real reporter” like Tommy, we are pretty sure they are content with opinion contributors like militant Antifa supporting Mike.

If you would like to know more about Mike Stuchbery’s support of “militant” Antifa, please click HERE.

Mike Stuchbery - Promoting MILITANT LAFA

Mike Stuchbery – Promoting MILITANT LAFA At Halkevi Community Centre

The Truth Be Damned!

Deadline host Steen Nørskov refers to Mike Stuchbey as as “reporter” for the Independent newspaper – another misrepresentation by Deadline. Mike Stuchbery, at best, is a commentator and occasional opinion contributor to the Independent, one who is obsessed with defending and promoting violent “militant” Antifa. Mike is also obsessed with what he sees as the “far-right”. He is also obsessed with hand gestures and Nazis while playing the role of a perpetual professional “victim”. He also has an unhealthy infatuation with Tommy Robinson, of his ten “opinion contributions” to the Independent (as opposed to journalistic reports), four of them feature Tommy Robinson’s face. Clearly, Tommy Robinson has become a significant source of income for Mike Stuchbery.

Mike must have a man-crush on Tommy, maybe that’s because Tommy is an unapologetic man who champions masculinity, as opposed to a soy drinking Antifa antagonist cowering in a corner like a shaking shitting dog.

Mike Stuchbery - Independent "Opinion Contributor"

Mike Stuchbery – “Opinion Contributor” To The Independent

When Deadline host Steen Nørskov finished filming his interview with Aia Tommy decided to confront him about it because Steen followed a left-wing sharia-compliant process called kitman – lying by omission. You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

Danish People’s Party’s Søren Espersen took to Facebook describing the Deadline interviews as a scandal blaming the editor for manipulation, lies and “fake-news”. We want to thank Søren Espersen and other members of the Danish People’s Party for their very public criticism of the attempted hit-piece on Tommy. The UK and Europe need more politicians like them; they have a backbone, our lot (for the most part) are nothing more than jellied invertebrates, a bit like some “opinion contributors” in left-wing rags.

You can read more about Søren Espersen’s criticism by clicking HERE.

Confronting “The Involved”

The Deadline deception was produced, edited and engineered to make Tommy look like an angry thug banging on the door of an innocent “reporter” for the Independent newspaper. In reality, Tommy was knocking on the door of Mike Stuchbery, who was “directly involved” with the organisation (Resisting Hate) who used a terrorist defending lawyer and a left-wing extremist to serve legal papers on him. The left-wing extremist, whose name is Dick Coughlan filmed himself during a live-stream and consequently threatened to “mince” Tommy’s children – a death threat!

Heidi Robdrup, the editor of Deadline, watched Tommy’s video where he exposed the misrepresentation and lies “by omission” of Steen Nørskov and the Deadline editorial team. They knew the reasons for Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchberys door, facts they omitted from their programme to carve out a narrative that suited their agenda. The defamation and misrepresentation of Tommy Robinson.

To watch Tommy’s video exposing the lies and the misrepresentation of Steen Nørskov and the Deadline team click HERE.

Heidi said:

“Of course, we are thoroughly researching such an interview. And our research shows nothing that the journalist who is sought out at Tommy Robinson’s private address should be involved in the threats posed to Tommy Robinson’s children by a leftist extremist. We mention in the program that Tommy Robinson himself has been exposed to threats, but we cannot find any link between Mike Stuchbery and those who made the threats.”

After a barrage of justifiable criticism, Heidi was clearly in a “damage limitation” mode.

TR.News is now going to help Hedi, and the Deadline team find a “direct link” between Mike Stuchbery, Dick Coughlan, terrorist defending lawyer Mohammed Akunjee (who wants to bring an ISIS bride back to the UK from Syria) and the organisation behind the serving of those papers. All this information is from Mike Stuchbery’s very own Twitter feed.

Mike posted he “had word” that Tommy Robinson is about to be served papers “at his place” with a livestream and asked his followers on Twitter to watch the “Resisting Hate” Facebook page.

You can find videos of Mohammed Akunjee and Dick Coughlan on their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Mike Stuchbery - Resisting Hate

Mike Stuchbery – Resisting Hate

Mike Stuchbery - Resisting Hate

Mike Stuchbery – Promoting Left-Wing Extremist Dick Coughlan And Terrorist Defending Lawyer Mohammed Akunjee

Mike posted a tweet about Dick Coughlan describing him as “….a hoot. Half man, half ratbeast.” Mike posted this tweet as a reply to terrorist defending lawyer Mohammed Akunjee and the far-left extremist Dick Coughlan (the man who threatened to “mince” Tommy’s kids).

Mike Stuchbery - Resisting Hate

Mike Stuchbery – Promoting Left-Wing Extremist Dick Coughlan And Terrorist Defending Lawyer Mohammed Akunjee

Mike then went onto confirm his involvement; he helped to crowdfund the action taken against Tommy – namely the “serving of legal papers”, so he was directly involved with Resisting Hate.

Mike Stuchbery Involvement With Resisting Hate

Mike Stuchbery Involvement With Resisting Hate

One of the founders of “Resisting Hate” is none other than Roanna Carleton-Taylor who also just so happens to be an “opinion contributor” to another left-wing rag – HuffPost, she too is infatuated with Tommy Robinson.

Roanna Carleton-Taylor HuffPost

Roanna Carleton-Taylor – HuffPost

Roanna Carleton-Taylor helped crowdfund a civil case against Tommy Robinson using a GoFundMe page that she set up.  Roanna refers to Mike Stuchbery as an “associate” of both herself and her organisation “Resisting Hate”.

Roanna Carleton-Taylor - Associate Of Mike Stuchbery

Roanna Carleton-Taylor – “Associate” Of Mike Stuchbery

How many more direct links would Heidi and her Deadline team need to report on the reason why Tommy Robinson went knocking on Mike Stuchbery’s door? Tommy went to ask him some questions about the far-left extremist who was sent to serve him legal papers at his home address. The left-wing extremist who threatened to “mince” Tommy’s children, the left-wing extremist Mike Stuchbery promoted on his Twitter feed. The left-wing extremist sent out by a terrorist defending lawyer, Roanna Carleton-Taylor and her organisation “Resisting Hate” – of which Mike Stuchbery is an “associate”.

If Deadline could not investigate and make these links, we are glad to have done them a favour. We expect (after going through the trouble of doing their job for them) Deadline to invite Tommy back onto the set to “put the record straight”, apologise for their lack of journalistic “due-diligence” and correct their misrepresentation of Tommy Robinson on Danish national TV.

Heidi from Deadline said that:

“….we would not ignore evidence pointing in the opposite direction of our history. If we had evidence that there was a connection between Mike Stuchbery and the threats to Tommy Robinson’s children, then that would be journalistic important. But we simply haven’t found anything pointing in that direction.”

Well, Heidi, we hope you receive a link to this article and then make some real ethical journalistic effort to correct the record. We also hope that Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party gets a copy of this article as well as Berlingske who published Søren’s outrage at Deadlines fake-news manufactured narrative.

We wait with bated breath…..

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