The 3 deadly mistakes that should get Daniel Andrews fired

by Avi Yemini

On Friday I texted Daniel Andrews to give him a right of reply to what I’m about to share with you.

The Premier had his female staffer message me back within 6 minutes, followed by a voice message. She asked me to forward her the questions by email.

I did and also offered Mr Andrews an on-camera interview.

It now Monday and I haven’t even received a confirmation of receiving my email.

No surprise there.

Victoria is currently in a state of lockdown in a bid to flatten the COVID curve again. The lockdown will no doubt collapse our economy further while taking a toll on the mental health of Victorians.

These were Daniel Andrews deadly three mistakes:

  1. Contact tracing
  2. Rigorous testing
  3. Test and quarantine for new arrivals

Even if you fully lockdown and kill our economy along the way, if you fail at any of these three things, you’re on the road to disaster. That’s what we’re seeing unfold in Victoria at the moment, thanks to Daniel Andrews.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing was Victoria’s first major blunder. It took an entire MONTH for Victoria’s health department to recognise the Cedar Meats cluster. The person responsible was too busy tweeting provocative, fake, anti-Australian rhetoric that she failed at her actual job.

You may not know this, but Cedar Meats is a Halal abattoir. This cluster started just before Ramadan through to Eid in which this close-knit community spread it through family-to-family transmission.

Their families are HUGE, which isn’t a bad thing, hell I’m 1 of 17 kids, but when you have such large families gathering every day for a month while people are infected, it explodes.

Suddenly we have Al-Taqwa College with 134 confirmed cases, linked to government housing with almost 200 cases. And all along the Victorian government were asleep at the wheel.

So when Andrews blames family-to-family transmission, he’s not technically lying, but he’s also not telling the full truth.

Rigorous testing

Victoria then stuffed up the testing.

We now know that a lot of the residents in the infected public housing towers attended the black lives matter rally. But at the same time, people who went to the rally in Melbourne, who then wanted to do the right thing were REFUSED Coronavirus tests on the grounds the mass-protest was NOT high risk enough.

It’s evident that Andrews doesn’t want anyone to know the real numbers from that rally because, again, it was all his fault. HE let it happen.

Test and quarantine for new arrivals

The final nail in the coffin for Victoria was Andrews refusing military help to manage the hotel quarantine. The one group of people importing the virus, travellers from overseas, were not only NOT stopped, but they were also actively helped—all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Andrews is the virus, and you need to hold him accountable by sharing the truth about his three deadly mistakes.

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