DANGER – Canada Re-Elects Racist Blackface Trudeau!

by TR News

Canadians have decided to keep the Liberal Party in power in a narrow election win. DANGER – Canada Re-Elects Racist Blackface Trudeau!

A Majority Of Mental Illness

Although there has been a sharp decline in mental illness within the Canadian electorate, there were still just about enough mental cases who put a cross next to Justin “Racist Blackface” Trudeau’s Liberal Party which has kept them in power.

Progressive Regressive Trudeau

Progressive Regressive Trudeau

Although Trudeau has just about clung to power, he is now the Prime Minister of a “minority” government. Trudeau’s Liberal party lost twenty seats while the Conservatives gained twenty-six. It’s also worth noting that Conservatives won the “popular vote” with 34.4%.

Canada Election Results

Canada Election Results

Regressive Progressive Agenda

Trudeau’s popularity has taken a nosedive because he has recently been exposed as a fraud and a hypocrite. Justin’s blackface moment did not go down with his progressive regressive base, but he did just about enough arse kissing to see him through. Justin, clinging to power by his fingertips, highlights how a left-leaning pillock can get away with racism. Any right-leaning politician who did the same would be hung drawn and quartered for it; the press would be relentless and the campaign effectively destroyed.

Justin "Woke Blackface" Trudeau

Justin “Woke Blackface” Trudeau

So Canada now has another term of Justin’s virtue signalling policies of progressive regressive politics. The question is though, is it enough to retain power in the long term? A weaker Liberal Party could be exposed to more investigations which could uncover yet more progressive regressive corruption at the very highest levels.

Get your popcorn out.

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