Dame Victoria Sharp Protects A Muslim Terrorist

by TR News
Dame Victoria Sharp Protects Terrorists

Remember Dame Victoria Sharp, one of the two Judges who decided to put Tommy Robinson whos not a terrorist in prison for causing ANXIETY to convicted Muslim paedophiles? She can now add to her CV – protecting Muslim terrorists.

No, you have not read that incorrectly!

Jihad Down Under

Neil Prakash, a man, born in Melbourne Australia attended the somewhat controversial Al-Furqan Islamic Centre after he converted to Islam. Neil Prakash is now known as Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, he became radicalised and left for Syria in 2013. Hardly surprising that he appeared in ISIS propaganda to promote attacks in Australia. He was identified by the FBI as being linked to a failed plot to attack the statue of liberty in New York.

Abu Khaled al-Cambodi is currently being held in a Turkish prison after being caught trying to sneak across the border from Syria. He was sentenced to seven and a half years but could be out in two and a half years under Turkish law.

You can find more about him by clicking HERE.

Neil Prakash - Abu Khaled al-Cambodi

Neil Prakash – Abu Khaled al-Cambodi

An unidentified teenager from Lancashire had become Britains youngest terrorist; he got recruited by Abu Khaled al-Cambodi. This young teenager was only 14 years old at the time however he sent encrypted messages to an Australian Jihadi with instructions to attack an Anzac Day parade in 2015.

This unidentified teenager took on the role of an adviser and organiser for ISIS; he then went on to suggest beheadings and the use of a car to kill Police officers.

The teenager was jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court on October 2015 as he admitted to inciting terrorism overseas. This unidentifiable teenager has now turned 18 years of age which would typically allow him to be identified as he’s no longer a minor. However, the teenager with the help of Edward Fitzgerald QC, went to the high court asking that his identity remain hidden from the press and general public.

Poor Little Terrorist

Edward Fitzgerald QC said:

“There is the risk of violent attack, the risk of re-radicalisation and the risk to his rehabilitation and current progress, as well as the risk to his family.

“We say all those factors together justify preventing the disclosure of the fact that the person bearing his name was responsible for the incitement when he was 14.”

He also said that

“there have been persistent and serious threats made online to harm or kill the teenager”.

Dame Victoria Sharp Protects A Muslim Terrorist

Fast forward to today, Monday the 29th of July. Dame Victoria Sharp, the Judge who sent Tommy to Belmarsh category A prison for the crime of making Muslim paedophiles anxious wrapped her protective arms around the teenage terrorist. Dame Victoria Sharp granted this terrorist lifelong anonymity, in the same way as the killers of James Bulger were granted anonymity.

Our justice system is broken, its a joke. The woman who saw fit to bang Tommy behind bars for journalism wraps the protective arms of the British judicial system around a now adult terrorist to protect his identity.

You simply can’t make this up.

You can read more HERE and HERE.


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