The Daily Star under official investigation for Fake News

by Avi Yemini

Earlier this year, The Daily Star published a fake news story titled “Tommy Robinson’ decked in showers’ by OAP on first day in prison”. As Tommy’s spokesman, while he was in jail, I immediately contacted the Daily Star to request a correction.

Not only was my numerous requests ignored, but a few days later, The Daily Star also ran the fake news as their front cover story in their national weekend print version.

This fake news story was republished by many mainstream media publications around the world all referencing the Daily Star as their source.

The blue checkmark brigade began to celebrate the violent attack on an innocent person they don’t like.

Even here in Australia, ‘journalists’ were celebrating the fake violent attack on Tommy Robinson.

I tried again by calling the Daily Star to get this story removed and corrected. But it was obviously driving too much traffic to their site, that they continued to give me the runaround.

With nowhere else to turn, I filed an official complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and very promptly, guess what, The Daily Star removed their fake story.

But removing the story was nowhere near good enough. The damage was done. Their lies had already spread around the globe like wildfire.

Since July, I’ve continued to chase up the IPSO to have The Daily Star and their ‘journalist’ Isobel Dickinson, penalised for breaking the most basic of journalistic codes. Isobel Dickinson fabricated a story, and her publication, The Daily Star, refused to remove it when they were notified.

On several occasions since then, the IPSO have tried to close the case with no other result in a bid to end this matter.

I guess they were hoping that I would just give up and go away.

I didn’t and I won’t.

Today I’m happy to announce that I finally received the kind of response I have been waiting for all these months.

I’m sure there’s still a long road ahead, but I promise you that we will not let this go. We will hold The Daily Star and Isobel “Fake News” Dickinson to account.

Watch. This. Space.

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