Czech Parliament pressured into cancelling Children’s Rights Conference after inviting Tommy Robinson as a guest speaker

by TR News

The Czech Parliament has given in to external pressures and cancelled a Children’s Rights conference after it was revealed that Tommy Robinson was one of the guest speakers at the conference.

Robinson was set to appear in the Czech lower house of Parliament Today as a guest speaker at the Children’s Rights conference to address audiences on the issue of grooming gangs and sexual exploitation in Britain, however shortly after arrival, members were informed that the entire event had been cancelled due to external pressure from the media and left-wing groups bombarding Parliament to the point where they had no choice but to shelve the event completely rather than just cancel any particular speakers.

Czech Lower Parliament

This clearly demonstrates that the complete censorship of Tommy Robinson is scarily well and truly underway. Not only was Robinson invited specifically by Parliament to give a talk on this important issue, he was not even given the opportunity to be debated by those groups who had forced the cancellation of such an important conference.

Speaking from the Czech Republic Robinson said “not only are we now censored from all social media, they actually now want to censor ANY speech on these extremely important issues even in places such as Parliament.

They will not be happy or satisfied until we are not free to speak or move or have any freedom whatsoever”


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