Czech Hunter Michaela Fialova has her Facebook page removed after posting a photo with Tommy Robinson

by TR News

A famous Czech hunter and game keeper has had her Facebook page completely removed after posting a photo of her with Tommy Robinson.


In what can be only described as akin to ‘communist style censorship’, Michaela Fialova had taken a selfie with Tommy Robinson whilst he was out during a recent visit to the country, she then later had attempted to log into her Facebook account to engage with her 200,000 plus followers, only to be met with a message from Facebook informing her that her account had been removed for using “hate speech”

The alert from Facebook read “Your page has been unpublished for using hate speech, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards. These standards help us keep our community safe and respectful. While we allow individuals to speak freely on Facebook, we take action on reports of verbal abuse directed at individuals

Obviously this came as a complete shock to her, as Michaela Fialova is a controversial figure in her own right being a member of the hunting industry for many years, so regular pictures of her alongside rifles or wildlife carcasses are commonplace and have been so too on her Facebook pages for her avid followers to see.

At the time of writing this article she has since appealed Facebook’s decision and rightly so, as surely to be accused of “hate speech” she would have had to actually speak or write words to that effect! She did neither. She has no in depth knowledge of the politics of the UK or any of the politics which surrounds Tommy Robinson, so it was no surprise how shocked and devastated she was at the reaction to a single photo she innocently posted to her page.

The actions taken by Facebook in this instance are simply embarrassing not to mention draconian. So as it stands you are free to post images of yourself with firearms and slaughtered animals, but god forbid you post an image of yourself next to Tommy Robinson as it will be deemed as an act of “hate speech” it seems. This goes beyond censorship.


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