Please stop being so bloody stupid and greedy

by Avi Yemini

If you’re one of those doomsday preppers who have planned for this for years, then good on you. You do you. You’re probably laughing all the way to the bunker at the moment. Not because the world is ending, but for the way, people around you are behaving.

However, if you’re one of those people who’s first reaction to Coronavirus was to run to the store and buy every roll of toilet paper, every packet of pasta or every bloody tampon… PLEASE FREAKIN STOP. JUST STOP.

You’ll be able to wipe your butt, and you won’t starve to death if you just shop as usual. Even if you had to self-isolate, supermarkets have a delivery service and can bring you whatever you NEED.

But you idiots have overwhelmed the entire system and now no one can get anything delivered, and my missus has put me on toilet paper rations.

Firstly, we’re at no risk of the supply chain being disrupted. Look around the world, and you’ll see that even in countries that have gone into full lockdown, supermarkets and pharmacies remained open throughout the pandemic.

The only thing threatening our supply chain is YOUR GREED AND STUPIDITY.

Shopping for groceries at the moment is a depressing experience.

Our shelves are bare of basic necessities. Everyone is pushing their trollies around looking for how they can save themselves.

In 2006 I was in Israel during the Lebanon war, and it was nowhere near as bad as this.

Then, in Israel, people came together. They supported each other. There was unity in the air.

Now, here, it’s every man for himself. People are literally stabbing each other over nothing.

The contrast is saddening.

Even during this crisis, I’m watching how Israeli supermarkets are coping, and being honest; I’m ashamed of Australia. There, even now, while their entire country is in lockdown, they’re blasting music and dancing, TOGETHER.

The crazy thing is if we came together and everyone just bought what they need the stores wouldn’t be empty. We’d all have enough like any other day.

Instead, supermarkets are forced to shut at night to restock. They are then opening first to the elderly and vulnerable because you selfish imbeciles won’t even let them get anything.

Basically, big business currently has more decency than you people. That says it all.

This disease is dangerous to a small, vulnerable minority of our community. The majority of us will come out just fine on the other side—most of us who contract Coronavirus won’t feel any worse than the typical flu.

But drastic measures are needed to protect those vulnerable like the elderly as they are in real risk of death.

Like many people, I’m conflicted, I support governments taking whatever action needed, just like in wartime. However, I’m uncomfortable with impeding on civil liberties, mainly because I don’t trust governments not to abuse powers.

I think right now, until after the peak of this virus; we need to put peoples health and safety first. Afterwards, we can investigate any abuse of power and help those who were impacted by the aggressive policies.

Nevertheless, government messaging and policies have to be clear, concise and not conflict with each other.

For example, here, the government is telling us:

    – Australians should practice social distancing.
    – We should wash hands with soap for twenty seconds every two hours.
    – That we should avoid large crowds.
    – Stay away from other people.
    – Not to touch our faces.
    – To cough and sneeze into the elbow.
    – And self isolate if feeling unwell.

Yet, they want our kids to keep going to school. It doesn’t take a genius or even an “expert” to know that schools are a cesspit of germs; we all get sick FROM our kids bringing home those germs every flu season.

There’s indeed almost 0% chance in kids having a fatal reaction to Coronavirus. Still, they are arguably the greatest spreaders of any disease.

I just hope parents are informed and wise enough to keep school kids away from their grandparents or any other vulnerable persons.

Because the children will survive but imagine they are responsible for the death of their loved one. Imagine what that guilt would do to that child for the rest of his or her life.

Now, before you point at Singapore and tell me, “they’ve had zero corona-related deaths while leaving their schools open”. Remember, Singapore implemented all the measures we’re just starting to implement, four weeks ago and more importantly, they tested every child as they walked into school every single day. They also stopped traffic to test drivers, tested everyone who entered a shopping mall etc.

People who showed any symptom was isollated immediately.

So, if you want to use Singapore as an example, we better be following their response to a tee. Not picking and choosing what suits.

But on a good note; we can look at places like Singapore and Hong Kong for inspiration that this virus will end. We’ll get through it one way or another. The peak is expected in 4-6 weeks from now.

The question is, can we unite in the fight?

What scares me far more than the actual virus, is the media created panic.

Let’s be clear; panic buying is not going to save you. Toilet paper is NOT the antidote to Coronavirus.

If the fear is getting to you, get off social media, turn off the rubbish news and my goodness; PLEASE unfollow people like Piers Morgan who are capitalising on your anxiety.

Use your time to engage with those around you. Check they’re okay, physically and mentally. I predict many more people are going to die of suicide than the Coronavirus kills directly.

Yesterday we saw the most significant crash in the markets since 1987. We’re heading into recession, and most people are going to struggle financially on the back of this.

Spare a thought for business owners and the millions of people who are going to lose their jobs over the next few months. Be compassionate because many people suddenly won’t be able to provide for their families.

This is precisely why we need to come together.

So, instead of stockpiling on crap; Check on your elderly family, friends and neighbours, check they have what they NEED. Then call your friends and make sure they are okay, and keep doing that. Because unless you check, you won’t know who is doing it tough and you may lose someone dear. Even worse, you’ll end up regretting, wondering what you could have done to save them.

I’m not going to lie; the media fear campaign has even got me worried at times. I just survived a cardiac arrest, I’m in that risk bracket, but then I think about it rationally, and I know I’ll physically be okay.

So it’s time to check on others.

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