Coronavirus Catastrophe – Socialist Stammering Killing Keir’s Credibility

by TR News
Corbyn And Starmer

Arise, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, you are leading a new Labour revolution. Coronavirus Catastrophe – Socialist Stammering Killing Keir’s Credibility.

Political Dimorphism

Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer may not look alike, but the political structures that shaped their world views and philosophies are barely distinguishable. Both Corbyn and Starmer identify as socialists. Both come from relatively wealthy backgrounds, their parents were steadfast Labour party supporters, and both joined local socialist groups at a young age.

The 2019 election had comrade Corbyn fighting it out with Boris Johnson during a tumultuous and divisive time – Brexit. Keir Starmer stood with Jeremy and supported him through thick and thin. Keir wanted a general election, so Labour could “sweep away” the Conservative Government. If Labour had won the election, what would Keir Starmer have done next?

He would have installed a “radical Labour Government” capable of “transforming” the United Kingdom.

Corbyn’s Labour lost the general election, Boris Johnson’s Conservative party won a landslide victory that had the Labour Party and its supporters reeling and confused, such was the gravity of the defeat. The Labour Party needed a political revival, a resuscitation, and a new leader at the helm. In early January 2020, Keir Starmer put himself forward to become the new party leader.

In April 2020 Keir won the Labour leadership election with 56% of the vote. The emergence of Keir Starmer as Labour leader supposedly signalled an end to the “radical left” politics of Corbynism.

But will it?

Politicisation Of Pandemic

Corbyn’s political death rattle reverberated through the House of Commons, it was awkward, tense and about as welcome as a fart in a lift. However, he still managed to seize an opportunity at his very last Prime Ministers Questions, to utilise the politics of pandemics, paving the way for Keir’s new Labour. Politicisation of the Chinese Wuhan coronavirus has now become “the norm”.

The coronavirus has become a challenge for governments all around the world. Some countries have dealt with the pandemic brilliantly. Meanwhile, some trampled on human rights and civil liberties, some have been negligent, some have been indifferent. Perhaps most have been all of these things during the course of this outbreak. The British Government are no exception to that rule, so they should be held to account, questioned, interrogated even; this is how a free and democratic society works.

Boris and his Conservative Government should not be exempt from critique, but one should measure that critique against a totally new and changing biological threat that comes from China. It was China who unleashed this virus onto the world; it was China and the World Health Organisation who covered up this potentially severe and highly contagious disease.

Laboured And Sluggish

The results of an interesting Ipsos Mori poll have been published. The results of which underscore the politicisation of a pandemic, and interestingly how we view politicians and the media’s handling of this crisis.

Ipsos Mori Poll

Ipsos Mori Poll

Apparently, us Brits are relatively happy with the way MSM journalists question the Government over their handling of this pandemic? Meanwhile only one in five believe the Labour Party has done well holding the Conservative Government to account. The new Labour messiah Keir Starmer has only managed to get roughly a quarter of the British population to believe he’s the right man to hold the Government to account, even Piers Morgan does better.

Why hasn’t Keir set the place on fire? Why is the new Labour leader considered less reliable or less able than a Quranically deficient permed primadonna hosting a morning TV programme? What is going on there? Perhaps there is a reason why Keir hasn’t set the place on fire yet. Considering he is supposedly a “soft lefty”, he promoted Naz Shah to his shadow cabinet as the Shadow Communities Minister. We should not forget that Naz Shah liked a tweet telling survivors of Muslim rape gangs to shut up “for the sake of diversity”.

Naz Shah - Shut Up For Diversity

Naz Shah – Shut Up For Diversity

In 2008 Keir Stramer was appointed as head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and during his five-year tenure oversaw cases as large and polarising as the Rochdale grooming gang scandal, mass sexual abuse scandals involving famous figures like Jimmy Savile, and the John Worboys case. In every measure, Keir Starmer failed miserably. It took his chief prosecutor in the North West, Nazir Afzal to start prosecuting Muslim child-rape gangs. Up until that point, he appeared disinterested in tacking the Muslim child-rape gang phenomenon.

Perhaps Keir isn’t doing quite so well because many of us Brits have a long memory. We remember cowardice; we remember scandals that were denied justice, we remember all the women and child victims who were ignored and left to be abused, raped and pimped with no justice in sight.

Maybe, Keir, it is these reasons why the British public hold the likes of primadonna Piers Morgan and fake news journalists in higher regard than you?

Keir Starmer – New Labour Leader – Old Labour Politics.

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