Climate activists IGNORE Police plea not to protest this week

by Avi Yemini

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, climate change activists don’t give a crap about the victims of this devastating fire season.

Today Victoria Police have begged the activists to postpone their planned protest, this Friday, as it would drain vital resources from bushfire-affected communities on a day that conditions are predicted to be extremely high risk.

Imagine my shock to hear the protesters have refused to cancel or even work with Police.

Ironically, this protest is calling for our prime minister to be sacked for his mishandling the fires. Yep, these self-indulging, good-for-nothing dole-bludgers are rallying on Friday, taking vital emergency services off the front-line, because ScoMo “mishandled his response”.

You can’t make this stuff up.

This army of obnoxious clowns hijacked the bushfire catastrophe to push their radical agenda all in the name of the poor victims, are now throwing those same victims under the bus.

If someone dies because of their actions, the organisers should be charged with murder. Nothing less.


Meanwhile, know the truth

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