China Bends The Knee To Radical Islamist!

by TR News

British Conservative Government bends the knee to become sharia-compliant. China Bends The Knee To Radical Islamist!

A Ticking Time Bomb

Tommy Robinson set up a Tik Tok account at the end of March.

His bio read:

“Banned from all western social media, let’s give the Chinese a go”.

Tommy roughly gained 22,000 followers on TikTok, he had over one million views in the first week alone. His online following was growing in number every single day. Perhaps it was this rapid growth in popularity and following on this social media platform that prompted Labour MP Afzal Khan, the Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, to take decisive action and pressure the UK Government to persuade China to ban Tommy Robinson from TikTok.

Afzal Khan - Islamist Labour MP

Afzal Khan – Islamist Labour MP

Islamist Afzal Khan started his political life as a Manchester-based councillor. From 2005 he was Lord Mayor of Manchester and represented the UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), an extremist group tied to Jamaat-e-Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2010 Qazi Hussain Ahmed (a former president of Jamaat-e-Islami) helped UK Islamic Mission fundraise. Qazi Hussain Ahmed was a strong supporter of Osama Bin Laden; he also praised a female suicide bomber who attacked and killed five Americans in Iraq.

He said:

“Now is the time that we should be prepared for Jihad. This Jihad will be against oppression … And the Jihad in the way of Allah is not terrorism. I salute the girl who killed five American soldiers in a suicide attack in Iraq.”

Its these kind of organisations and individuals that Afzal Khan associates with and supports, which gives us a clear understanding of his political and religious philosophy. Afzal Khan is an Islamist infiltrator, one who holds the position of Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

Leftist Campaign To Get Tommy De-Platformed

Leftist Campaign To Get Tommy De-Platformed

Islamists OK – Tommy Bad!

Tommy is now banned from the TikTok social media platform because of political pressure and seemingly because filming your dad in a Stone Island top “violates community guidelines”.

Radical Islam, the UK Conservative Government and China unite to ban Tommy Robinson off a popular platform – because he offends an Islamist MP who just so happens to have extremist links! Wrap your heads around that, let it sink in, maybe we should get Tommy into the House of Commons one day?

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Happy St.Georges Day!

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