Child Rapists Should Be Deported Right Now!

by TR News
Hearts Of Oak - Women Against Groomers

Our good friends and colleagues at Hearts Of Oak sent out this press release yesterday. Child Rapists Should Be Deported Right Now!

Do Something About It!

News recently broke in national and local papers about a victim of organised child gang rape coming face to face with her abuser in an Asda supermarket. Her abuser was with a young child of around seven or eight years of age, how is he even allowed to be around children? Her abuser Adil Khan was jailed for eight years in 2012 but was released in 2016. Khan had dual nationality, his British citizenship was revoked and he was supposed to have been deported to Pakistan.

Khan did appeal against his deportation however he lost that case in 2018. Why is he still in England? Why was a victim of child rape allowed to meet her abuser in a supermarket when he shouldnt even be in the country?

Serious questions need to be asked, and our government held accountable, especially those faceless, seemingly unaccountable deep state bureaucrats who allow these things to happen.

Child Rapists

The Faces Of Child Rape – Adil Khan, Abdul Aziz and Qari Abdul Rauf

For Immediate Release: 21 May 2020

Legal action against Priti Patel starts in order to force deportation of Rochdale grooming gang rapists

Pre-action Letter to be served at 12 midday tomorrow, 22ndMay, at the Home Office, 2 MarshamStreet, Westminster

Three convicted members of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang, Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz and AdilKhan are still walking the street of Rochdale nearly two years after they were stripped of their British citizenship prior to deportation back to Pakistan.

They are causing distress and anger withboth victims and residents in the town and across the country.

At 12 midday tomorrow Hearts of Oaktogether with its Rochdale partner Women Against Groomers will deliver a pre-action Letter to the Home Secretary Priti Patel at her office in Whitehall. In this they give notice that they are starting legal actionto force her to deport these child rapists.

Alan Craig of Hearts of Oak will say:

“There has beena complete failure of duty by the Home Office, and an abject betrayal of the victims and residents. Thisalso sends a clear message to the wider public that the Home Office is not prepared to do its duty and rid the country of these and similar monsters.

“We had hoped for better from you, Ms Patel.You have said rightly that the child victims ‘have been let down by the state’. Yet you do not remove these paedophiles and thereby you perpetrate the injustice against them.”

Liz Thirsk of Rochdale-based Women Against Groomerssaid:“Rochdale residents are very unhappy with the total lack of action regarding the removal of the three men.”

We will keep you updated.

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