Changing The Biological Sex Of A Transgender Boy

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A story hit the Irish headlines today in an attempt to help people understand the plight of trans children. However, changing the biological sex of a transgender boy is dangerous.

Dysphoria Leading To Child Abuse

The mother of a transgender boy who was assigned the female sex at birth tells her story in the Irish Sun. Aisling Gannon (the mother) revealed to the Irish Sun that her youngest child was gender dysphoric at the age of two and a half years old. The child is now called Steve, and he is eleven years old.

Aisling Gannon is a legal partner at Eversheds Sutherlands firm; they provide “legal advice and solutions to a global client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest multinationals”. It would be fair to say that Aisling must have a sound “legal mind”. Not only does Aisling have a brilliant career in law, but she is also an LGBT activist and role model for the cause, you can read more about that HERE.

Aisling Gannon - Mum To Steve

Aisling Gannon – Mum To Steve

The law firm Aisling works for has been recognised for its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in business. They are included on the 2019 OUTstanding LGBT+ Ally Role Model List, no doubt, in part, due to the work and advocacy that Aisling has invested. Eversheds Sutherland has delivered several initiatives to promote inclusiveness. One of those initiatives was hosting a staff information event to mark a ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’.

You can read more about that HERE.

Aisling Gannon - Partner At Eversheds Sutherland

Aisling Gannon – Partner At Eversheds Sutherland

Medically Ill State Parenting

The story that Aisling tells in the Irish Sun is that she had a second child who was assigned female at birth, who from the age of two and a half experienced gender identity crisis. It was a process that she had to learn much about, and she did, with the help of TENI, Ireland’s Transgender Equality Network. You can find them HERE.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland

Transgender Equality Network Ireland

At the age of seven, the child changed his name with the help of the school he attended and with the support of his classmates. He is now known as Steve, he was able to socially transition and is now in the boys class. Steve used his mum’s legal knowledge, so his name has been changed across the board with all government departments. The Transgender Equality Network website advises how this is done and provides specific links to click on when looking for answers. One of those links is to start a “Gender Recognition Process” where a copy of the Gender Recognition Act can be found. Click HERE to find out more.

Irelands Gender Recognition Act 2015

Irelands Gender Recognition Act 2015

Under the Irish Gender Recognition Act 2015, a person can apply for a “Gender Recognition Certificate”. One of the effects of obtaining a certificate is that if the preferred gender is the male gender the person’s sex becomes that of a man, and if it is the female gender the person’s sex becomes that of a woman.

So to be clear, gender is no longer a social construct, a person’s “sex” isnt either, gender and sex are one and the same under Irish law which is how its been since forever. It’s incredible; the Irish have now found a legal way to change a person’s biological makeup, X and Y chromosomes are no longer relevant in the grand scheme of things. Just to compound the point even more:

A certificate issued from the Register of Gender Recognition is the equivalent of a birth certificate drawn from the general register of births or the adopted children register and will satisfy all requirements where a person is asked to provide a birth certificate.

So not only does this Act alter someones biological birth sex, a gender recognition certificate its an equivalent of a certificate of birth, something that testifies to a person’s biological sex.

Irelands Gender Recognition Act 2015

Irelands Gender Recognition Act 2015

Aisling is unable to change Steve’s gender at this moment in time as that cannot be done legally until Steve is sixteen years of age. However, that is something that Aisling is “fighting to change”, and with her brilliant legal mind, she may well win that legal case.

Read more about that HERE.

Medically Induced Child Abuse

Biological men and biological women are different, biological sex is immuteable so medical treatment can and does differ between the sexes. Male anatomy and female anatomy are different, our genetics are different, our reproductive organs are different as are diseases, blood test reference ranges, and responses to drugs.

Biological men who have to have a blood transfusion face a higher mortality rate if the blood bonor is biologically female and moreso if she has ever been pregnant. If a person needs an organ transplant, the biological sex of the person needing the organ as well as the biological sex of the donor HAS TO BE CONSIDERED because of the potential dangers of organ rejection. Overwriting anybodys biological sex (medically speaking) is not only dangerous, but life threatening!

Imagine Steve, now a “boy by birth” suffers some kind of tragic accident that requires an organ transplant, will a biological male organ be good and “diverse” enough to see him through? Or will his body most likely reject it causing death?

How far do we go with the LGBTQ agenda?

Do we endanger our kids now for the sake of diversity and feelings? Do we now go down the road of gender and sex being one and the same with a certificate to prove it?

It does make one wonder why such a “brilliant legal mind” would want to change the law so that a biologically female eleven year old can become a legally male gender and sex?

The world has gone crazy, parents have gone crazy, and nation states have gone crazy to adhere to the LGBTQ gender agenda.

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