Champagne Socialist Emily Thornberry Flip-Flops On Brexit Policy

by TR News

The Labour party is in political turmoil with its electorate as its Brexit strategy is EXPOSED. Champagne Socialist Emily Thornberry Flip-Flops On Brexit Policy.

Semantical Champagne Socialism

Piers Morgan, for all of his faults, his ignorance and love for the sound of his own voice, was perhaps the perfect “personality” to confront Labour MP and shadow cabinet member Emily Thornberry about Labours policy on Brexit.

Emily was happy to engage Piers on matters of Brexit, kudos to her. However, she did not expect him to work his way through the political guff and obfuscation that most politicians think they can get away with.

Piers pressed and pressed, and to be fair, and to her credit, so did “devout lefty” Susanna Reid on the Good Morning Britain programme. Emily had a bad day at the office, not because it was her fault, but because she was forced to concede the astonishingly astonishing Labour policy of DENYING BREXIT and ultimately the will of the British people.

Labour Party Policy On Brexit Is…

For more than three years now, we have been going back and forth in Parliament with a speaker who is opposed to Brexit and Donald Trump. We have been going back and forth with motions and amendments to get Brexit done in Parliament with little to no success. We have seen a change in Conservative policy and Prime Ministership because of Brexit, but very few “tangible” signs that Parliamentarians will honour the will of the British people.

Boris and his new cabinet seem to be heading in the right direction with getting Brexit done, they seem to be making the right noises and effort to bring Brexit to a conclusion. However, these efforts are not without challenges from conniving cross-party demagogues who are hell-bent on remaining in the European Union.

Finally, we now know that Labour’s policy on Brexit is that they will “re-negotiate” a Brexit deal with the EU, then, once agreed, they will disregard the deal, disregard Brexit, disregard the will of the British people and stay in the EU after hopefully winning an election and a new referendum.

Labour’s stance is now crystal clear, NO BREXIT end of!

Thanks for clearing that up Emily.

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