CENSORSHIP – Tommy’s Warning To America

by TR News

After MEP election results for the North West of England had come in, it wasn’t the news we wanted to hear, Tommy didn’t gain enough votes to become a Minister of the European Parliament.

Mainstream media rejoiced, the far-left rejoiced, the “far removed from reality” political class rejoiced. Why? Because they know Tommy is a threat to the political status-quo.

Tommy was humble; he took the sneers and the jeers with humility and pride; their hatred of him is nothing more than a badge of honour, something he wears with pride.

Tommy “only” got 38,908 votes. The mainstream media made such a meal of it, the spin of such a “failure” went into overdrive.

But how much of a failure was it?

Was it, in fact, not a failure at all?

Let’s break things down a little here.

First of all, Tommy has no online social media presence as he did before, he had MILLIONS of followers on his Facebook page, hundreds of thousands on YouTube, over four hundred thousand on Twitter, but then, the “looney regressive left” of silicon valley was informed by our political establishment how much of a danger he was.

Imagine, just for a moment, if Tommy still had MILLIONS of people following him on social media platforms. The political swamp of British politics had to remove Tommy’s reach and his influence, his voice needed to be curtailed if not silenced.

Well, that’s the Orwellian state we live in, free speech is now hated and criminalised. Anything that exposes political corruption or presumably hurts the feelings of members from “the religion of peace,” or views that go against the accepted speech codes of the far-left means you deserve a total ban on social media platforms.

It’s about de-platforming, it’s about un-personing an individual who does not conform to political correctness.

Someone who has a factually based opinion on Islamic ideology, a factually based opinion on Muslim demographics, a factually based opinion on uncontrolled immigration and a factually based opinion on the threat of Islamic extremism means that person becomes a threat, but how?

Exposing corruption, speaking truth to power and having a factually based argument is threatening, it threatens the politically correct establishment because they much prefer an electorate to be ignorant of real-life situations, they don’t want the general public to know the truth. They would sooner sugar coat a turd and sell it on as a chocolate brownie rather than create a political vacuum, its all about holding onto power, ignorance is bliss for the political establishment.

If you have a look at the vote count below, you will see that; actually, Tommy came third highest of all “individual candidates” in the European election.

Tommy’s Vote Count

Tommy didn’t have the support of a well-financed political party; he didn’t have any online presence; he had every mainstream media outlet deliberately working against his campaign, slandering him with the usual “far-right, racist, Nazi” pejoratives out there. There was no way he could outspend powerful trade unions who led the smear campaign with their media cohorts, nor could he do much about union linked postal workers who refused to deliver his campaign leaflets in areas of the North West, that is political sabotage, that is how far-left union members play dirty political tricks.

Tommy was just one man, running as an independent, the political class ran with multiple candidates and with far more financial resources at their disposal, and with a massive online presence.

This experience was a massive learning curve for Tommy and his campaign team; we are sure with more funding, a more organised “ground-game” and more preparation, the far-left will end up eating humble pie.

Tommy warns America, fight for your first amendment rights, don’t let “big tech” silence you, fight, fight, fight! What has happened to Tommy can and will, one day, happen to our American cousins too, only if they don’t heed his warning.

To our American cousins –

You are blessed with first amendment rights, enshrined in your constitution, don’t let the left take those rights away from you, don’t let them subvert those rights either, fight, fight, fight!

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”


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