Censorship and the Alternative Media Revolution

by TR News

In light of recent events involving some of the most hard hitting journalists, activists, speakers and notable members of the reporting world, there has never been a more important and relevant time some might say, to tackle the issue of censorship on every level.

The difference when talking censorship today, is the fact that it is ever more clearer for the public to decipher and know when they are being fed a certain ‘engineered’ narrative geared towards that of ‘what they want you to see’ as opposed to ‘what really happened’.

One could argue that the advance in technology has made this possible, with the evolution of smartphones and various other devices all having the ability to stream and share content in real-time to various platforms around the world, thus making ‘cover-ups’ ever more difficult by areas of the mainstream media.

However, even with the advancement in all of this technology at our disposal, the battle still ensues as those very platforms which initially gave rise to the real-time reporting and global discussion are now slowly turning the tap to the ‘off’ position when it comes to real and true reporting and discussion.

Let’s just look at what has happened recently to Tommy Robinson. Removed from Twitter, removed by PayPal, removed from Instagram, removed from Facebook, all within a very short space of time of his popularity gaining momentum and all for simply reporting on real events and inviting real debate and discussion. The most shocking thing to many of this de-platforming establishment exercise, is the attempt from a deputy leader of a British political party writing to the Google CEO and asking them to remove Tommy from its YouTube platform even though he has had zero strikes of disciplinary on his YouTube platform ever since his accounts inception!

It is scary how brazen the attempts at censorship are now becoming, although you could argue that there is now no other way except to brazenly carry out this silencing effort as it is becoming all more difficult to carry out these attempts beyond the shadows so to speak. One thing is for sure…It is refreshing to see that the public are more awake than ever, so with that said, we can hope and look forward to a shift in censorship and freedom of press as a whole.


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