Celebrating Our Patron On Saint Georges Day!

by TR News

The term English or any positive national identification to being English triggers a lot of hatred these days. Celebrating Our Patron On Saint Georges Day!

No Surrender!

We live in a time where celebrating England and Englishness is derided, seen as a form of xenophobia, overt racism and a sort of racial superiority. The fact of the matter is that it could not be further from the truth! Sure there are a minority of people who have co-opted the imagery of England, St George and national pride for their own nefarious racially motivated political philosophies; we are not one of them!

We do not care if people call us racist or any other ridiculous pejorative term, usually, its because they want to link the Tommy Robinson movement to boneheaded groups like the NF. This lazy and generally politically motivated slur is propagated ad-nauseum against those who are proud of their English heritage and/or nationality. It is a coordinated and relentless socially engineered attack carried out (generally) by Marxists who despise an English cultural, ethnic or national identity; they want it all destroyed.

Good luck with that Marxists!

Saint George

Cappadocia, Rock-Cut Chapel Yilan Kilise, St Onouphrios, St George and St Theodore

National Pride Worldwide

You don’t have to be white to be English; you don’t have to be born in England even, you just have to share in love and devotion for our country. Englishness is more than skin deep, its a frame of mind; it’s about a shared sense of national identity and pride, and a willingness to fight for what you believe in no matter what.

That is what defines the very nature of a true Englishman or woman.

Today is the day we celebrate our patron saint – Saint George. Saint George was a Cappadocian, Cappadocia is a place situated in what is now modern-day Turkey. He was hardly white, certainly not English by ethnicity, but he was a devoted Christian.

Saint George was a Roman soldier who got promoted to the high military rank of Tribune. However, he quit the Roman Army in protest at Emperor Diocletian, who was persecuting Christians. Diocletian offered George, money, land and slaves if he would offer a sacrifice to the pagan Gods, but George refused and remained steadfast in his devotion to Jesus Christ. Emperor Diocletian was so angered by George’s refusal to capitulate and surrender to his terms that George ended up being dragged through the streets and executed on April the 23rd, 303 AD.

Today we celebrate the martyrdom of Saint George the Cappadocian because he encapsulates the never surrender spirit of the English people. In the year 1098 AD (during the crusades) it is said the image of Saint George miraculously appeared in front of the English soldiers outside Jerusalem which led them to victory at the Siege of Antioch.

Today we celebrate England, our Patron Saint and our English identities with pride, passion and infinite fearlessness. King Edward III made Saint George the patron of ‘The Order of the Garter’ (which was England’s order of knights). Ever since Saint George became known as a special protector of the English people.

Have a wonderful St.Georges day everyone!

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