What should you do with cancer?

by Avi Yemini

I have often been labelled a “racist” for my alleged “bigoted rhetoric” against China and more specifically, the Communist Party of China.

Well, it’s great to see everyone get on board. People have finally realised that I was right, and the CCP is a real threat to the entire world.

They’ve crashed the entire world economy and, mark my words; they will come out on top.

We’re in an information war and the CCP propaganda machine is working overtime.

The days of Communist China being a Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong or even Uyghur problem are over.

The CCP is like cancer. And when you go to an oncologist who diagnoses you with cancer, what does he do? He cuts the tumour out BEFORE it destroys your vital organs. Our cancer, the CCP has already begun destroying our vital organs, our economy and health system.

If we don’t cut the cancer now, we will be too late.

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