Can Anyone Trust Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham?

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Rape Jihad

The systemic institutional cover-up of Muslim child rapists has shocked the UK. Can Anyone Trust Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham?

Muslim Child Rapists

Troubled and vulnerable children have methodically and systematically been preyed upon by predominantly Muslim child gang rapists who groom their victims and make them dependant on drugs and drink. Then the victims are passed around as “easy meat” for other predominantly predatory Muslim rapists to enjoy at will; the victims, some as young as 11 years of age were beaten, threatened and forced into sexual enslavement by their captors.

These kind of stories are commonplace now, but that is only because of activists like Tommy Robinson who have taken to the streets and the media highlighting the industrialised rape, molestation and enslavement of young vulnerable British girls.

Victoria Agoglia died at the tender age of 15 “after being injected” with heroin which resulted in a fatal overdose. The tragic death of Victoria happened in Rochdale back in 2003, members of her family asked for her abuse to be investigated which eventually led to a police operation being launched in 2004, Operation Augusta. The operation initiated by Greater Manchester Police was designed to investigate the sexual abuse of children predominantly in care in the south of Manchester, the report identified up to 97 potential paedophiles and around 57 potential victims.

Child Victim Victoria Agoglia

Victim Of Muslim Rape Gang Victoria Agoglia

Coroners Calamitous Contempt

In 2007 an inquest into Victoria’s death led to a “narrative verdict” from coroner Simon Nelson who concluded in his report:

“…no inferences can be made that the events from the 24 September [when Victoria was injected] were reasonably foreseeable.”

Coroner Simon Nelson Standing Next To Labour MP Jim McMahon

Coroner Simon Nelson Standing Next To Labour MP Jim McMahon

Simon Nelson came to this conclusion even though Victoria told her social worker that “an older man was injecting her with heroin”. Victoria made this known TWO MONTHS BEFORE she died of a heroin overdose. The coroner recognised multiple concerns, including sexual exploitation and sexual assault, however in his summary, he described Victoria as having:

“…a propensity to provide sexual favours.”

Coroner Simon Nelson also noted that Victoria:

“…died of opiate toxicity in circumstances where she was a vulnerable young person and following her unlawful administration of heroin.”

Systemic Institutional Cover-Up

A review commissioned by Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham (who also serves as Police and crime commissioner for Greater Manchester Police) concluded that Operation Augusta was discontinued due to “resourcing”. The review also found that several men identified by Police as a result of Operation Augusta at the time carried out further “sex-crimes”, some of those men were later convicted of those offences.

The review questioned how coroner Simon Nelson came to the conclusions he filed in his report:

“….having considered both the harrowing experience of Victoria and that of many of her contemporaries in public care in Manchester in the review team’s sample, we cannot understand how the coroner felt able to conclude his remarks with the following statement: ‘It is absolutely essential also that the public remain confident about the quality of care and support afforded to children cared for within the child protection system.”

It had also come to light that Victoria was “repeatedly threatened, assaulted and returned to her residential unit intoxicated” and that she had disclosed that she was involved in sexual exploitation and alleged rape and sexual assault. To make matters worse, “a man who had been previously identified as her so-called ‘pimp’ was given permission to visit her in her accommodation three times a week.”

Yes, you read that correctly, Victorias “pimp” had access to a vulnerable young girl who was in the care of Manchester City Council. It had come to light that Victoria’s abuse started when she was “at least” 13 years of age; she suffered “at least” two years of abuse due to her sexual enslavement.

The review into Victoria’s case concluded that:

“Her exposure to sexual exploitation by adult males was known to Police and social services and, despite the risk of significant harm caused by the men who were sexually exploiting her, statutory child protection procedures, which should have been deployed to protect her, were not utilised and the strategies put in place to protect Victoria were wholly inadequate.

We have reviewed the narrative verdict and remain concerned as to how the coroner at the inquest reached the conclusions he did, given the information the review team has since considered.”

A 50-year-old man charged with the manslaughter of Victoria Agoglia was cleared; however, he admitted to two offences of injecting Victoria with heroin. That 50-year-old man was jailed for only three and a half years.

Trusting Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that:

“….no issues of resources, race or passage of time should ever stand in the way of pursuing those who have abused children.”

Mayor Andy Burnham Tweet

Mayor Andy Burnham Tweet

We agree with Andy wholeheartedly, the perpetrators who sexually enslave vulnerable young children, the people who are responsible for decades of industrialised child gang rape, molestation and abuse MUST be held to account no matter the financial cost. But can we really trust Andy Burnham?

Andy has a long history of working with the kind of Muslims who have a troubled past and present. Andy has and continues to collaborate with the Muslim organisation known as MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development). In fact, Andy used their platform and their influence to help him get elected as Mayor of Manchester.

Andy Burnham MEND Event

Andy Burnham Promoting Himself At A MEND Event Prior To The Mayoral Election

MEND is a Muslim organisation that has quite a few characters either currently or previously involved in its management structure. Azad Ali is a spokesperson for the Islamic Forum of Europe, a vice-chair for Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and a former director of MEND. Azad has courted controversy wherever he goes.

Azad Ali’s most notable controversies are:

Supporting the killing of British soldiers in Iraq, his love and admiration for Al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, his praise for Osama bin Laden’s key mentor Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and his appreciation for proscribed terror organisations Hamas and Hezbollah. There is much more, but we think you may have formed enough of an opinion about this man by now, you can read more about Azad Ali by clicking on an article we published about MEND by clicking HERE.

It is worth noting that Andy Burnham spoke at a MEND event to increase his chances of being elected Mayor of Manchester, this was during Azad Ali’s tenure as Director of Engagement at MEND.

MEND Article Downplaying Muslim Child Rape Gangs As Islamophobic

MEND Article Downplaying Muslim Child Rape Gangs As Islamophobic

Andy has a history supporting and acknowledging MEND, an organisation that has publicly encouraged Muslims to not engage with the UK Government’s Prevent strategy. It has also published an article back in November 2018 explaining how wrong it is to highlight “Asian Grooming Gangs”, you can read that article by clicking HERE.

The MEND article downplays the statistics of “child grooming” by conflating and obfuscating Type 1 and Type 2 offending types. Both groups of offenders “groom” their victims; however, their predatory inclinations and preferences tend to be different. Type 2 offenders are majority white and tend to work alone or in pairs. Type 1 offenders are predominantly Muslim; they work in gangs of four or more. Type 1 offenders prey on vulnerable young girls and gang rape them over a timeframe that is often counted in years. Many cases prove these Type 1 offenders get vulnerable girls hooked on drugs and alcohol.

A CEOP study in 2013 found that 75 per cent of recorded Type 1 group abusers, who target victims based on their vulnerability, were “Asian”. The report also shows more “Asian” men are carrying out Type 1 group abuse than white men. The term “Asian” could more accurately be replaced with “predominantly Muslim of Pakistani heritage”, something that then Home secretary Sajid Javid conceded was an accurate description.

In fact, Sajid said:

“What we’ve had regarding that issue of gangs that prey on young children for sexual purposes is that for many years, under successive governments, we have turned a blind eye to the obvious.
Any normal person looking at the recent convictions of gangs that abuse children would have noticed that a vast majority are from a Pakistani heritage, and we cannot ignore that. If you do ignore that, if you sit in a position of power like me and you ignore that, what you actually end up doing is fuelling the voices of extremism that are out there that will then prey on that.”

You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

The Quilliam Foundation found that 84% of “grooming gang” offenders were (South) Asian, while they only make up 7% of total UK population and that the majority of these offenders are of Pakistani origin with Muslim heritage.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester, may have ordered a review into the sexual exploitation, raping and pimping of vulnerable young girls in care BUT he does stand with an organisation that is full of Islamic extremists. It is also an organisation that downplays the epidemic of “predominantly Muslim child-raping gangs” because it incites “Islamophobia”. Maybe MEND dont want people to know about the religion behind the rape?

It’s not as if Andy Burnham has had nothing to do with MEND since his election bid to become mayor of Manchester. It was only in September last year when he shared a stage with the man who prosecuted Type 1 “predominantly Muslims of Pakistani heritage” offenders – Nazir Afzal at a MEND event tackling “Islamophobia”. You can read the MEND article by clicking HERE.

Nazir Afzal - Andy Burnham

Nazir Afzal In The Background At A MEND Event With Andy Burnham

MEND downplay Type 1 (predominantly Muslims of Pakistani heritage) offenders because of “Islamophobia” – is it fair to assume that Andy Burnham may do the same?

After all his re-election may depend on it.

Luckily it would seem as though Conservative MP Chris Green is holding Andy Burnham’s feet to the fire. He wrote a letter to Andy calling on him to pursue further action against members of the Police and Manchester city council over their actions during an investigation into child sexual exploitation.

Letter From Conservative MP Chris Green

Letter From Conservative MP Chris Green

You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

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