Campaign Donations CANCELLED By Stripe

by TR News

Stripe is the firm we use to take in donations and subscriptions on our website. Tommys MEP campaign website also uses Stripe to help fund his chances of becoming an elected MEP for the North West, so it came as a bit of a shock to us when Stripe cancelled the accounts citing a vague explanation of “violating their services agreement?”

It would have been nice to have known precisely what it was that caused the termination of both accounts, but Stripe didn’t provide any further details, all means for donations to TR News and Tommys MEP campaign were removed.

We know that Tommy is being targeted again for political persecution; we also know major news outlets have reported that Stripe is the online mechanism that Tommy uses for funding. A simple way of hindering the democratic process, and to further restrict Tommy’s reach on the internet, is to shut down the means of generating cash that helps support him and the few staff who work with him.

We know that there is a big push to try and stop Tommy, stopping cash flow will help his opponents and the state achieve precisely that.

However, we do fight back; we won’t let these attacks on us go without legal recourse.


Letter To Stripe

Tommy’s legal team sent a letter of objection to Stripe outlining their concerns, especially when this kind of “interference” will hinder the democratic process, we believe that may have been the intention behind Stripe’s decision, either that or they have had some pressure placed on them. Political persecution carries on whichever way it can and by any means necessary.

We can confirm that “for now” ALL DONATIONS (even repeat ones) will still be received, we will update you as and when we have further details.

Tommy isn’t the first to suffer the wrath of an online-revenue and payment processing company. You need only look to what has happened to people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Carl Benjamin, James Allsup and Lauren Southern who had their Patreon accounts removed for what would seem to be “right-wing wrongthink.” People who dare stand outside the confines of political correctness (in other words, most people who have a right-leaning political persuasion) have revenue streams cancelled by their provider.

Luckily some influential people are willing to push back against this aggressive demonetisation for the crime of “wrongthink.”

Keep supporting as you have done; your support helps us put news and messaging out that you won’t ever see or hear from mainstream media, because they are political hacks, in bed with the two-party duopoly. Mainstream media cower behind the semantics of “political correctness” we dont!

You won’t get political correctness here because it is dangerous, it destroyed the lives of young vulnerable girls all across the UK. Political correctness hides the truth and spoon feeds the general public with “sanitised” and “watered down” stories.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

We thank all of you for your continued support.

Vote Tommy!


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