Bye-Bye To Bercows Gesticulating Partisanship

by TR News

The speaker is the chief officer and highest authority of the House of Commons and must remain politically impartial at all times they say. Its time to say bye-bye to Bercows gesticulating partisanship.

A Gesticulating Gonad

According to the Parliament website, the speaker of the House Of Commons MUST be politically impartial. But how does that work out when we take a look at John Bercow’s recent political precedents?

Proroguing Partisanship

Anti-Brexit Europhile Ministers have made a real song and dance of Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament, like its the very end of democracy itself, perhaps worse even than climate change! The act of proroguing Parliament is nothing new; neither is it unprecedented for a term of around five weeks.

John Bercow, the “impartial” speaker of the house, having all eyes on him, put on another magnificent performance as the video above will show. The dramas of Parliamentary pontificators are not only cringe-worthy but somewhat akin to a reality TV series based in London zoo.

The “remaining” elected chimpanzees of the house are throwing tantrums and excrement at each other, and John Bercow is more than happy to frolic with their faeces. This dreadful zootopian disaster is making a monkey out of democracy while it beats its chest in defiance of the will of the British people.

Bye- Bye John Bercow

John Bercow Sucking Oxygen Out Of The House Of Commons

Bercows Brexit Animus

John Bercow, rather than being “impartial” is in fact, highly partisan on the Brexit agenda and scores highly with his “remaining” friends in the house of primates.

John Bercow has time and again inserted himself, his opinion, and his unprecedented acts of Brexit betrayal, time and time again into the Brexit process, hindering rather than helping. Whether it be criticising proroguing of Parliament, personally attacking MP’s and revealing where their children are schooled, or just playing games with Parliamentary amendments that could have pushed the Brexit issue forwards rather than backwards, the fact is John Bercow is a little Europhile Nelson.

John Bercow is a man who serves at his own pleasure. Former, deputy speaker Natascha Engel has gone on record saying that he “invented new rules” and switched from “impartial referee to partisan player-manager”.

Jacob Rese-Mogg called Bercow out for his “unconstitutional” personal and opinionated rantings by saying:

“I think the outrage is phoney and it is created by people who don’t want us to leave the European Union and are trying very hard to overturn the referendum result and don’t want the benefits of leaving the European Union.”

It is not constitutional for the speaker to express his opinion without the direction of the House.”

It was very sad to hear that John Bercow is resigning his position, but not until late October of course!

It’s time to say bye-bye to Bercows gesticulating partisanship and get a proper referee in the House of Primates.

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