Britannia Leeds Hotel Is A Refugee Heaven

by TR News
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A contribution from Anonymous

The Old Windmill Hotel in Leeds is churning out something very different these days. Asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants, all of whom are being paid for by the British taxpayer. The Britannia Leeds Hotel is a refugee heaven.

Now part of one of Britain’s worst hotel chains, The Britannia Hotel, Seacroft, Leeds, is housing people that are seeking asylum in the UK, applying for refugee status or have entered the country illegally and paying guests know nothing about it.

As this wasn’t my first encounter with refugees and asylum seekers staying at the budget hotel chain owned by multi-millionaire Alex Langsam, I decided to document my observations on my arrival and looked to gather some information. When I arrived at the hotel around 18.30hrs last Thursday, I was greeted at the entrance by groups of mainly young to middle-aged foreign men hovering at the doorway smoking. While I was waiting in the lobby, I could see a queue of over 50 people, mainly of African and Middle Eastern origin, waiting in line for one of their three daily meals.

People lined the corridors and were strewn across most of the available furniture within part of the communal areas of the hotel. Many of them had taken their shoes and socks off and were making the place look even more untidy than it usually does. They were all well equipped with the latest electronic devices, earphones and headsets and all appeared to be remarkably well turned out for “so-called” refugees and asylum seekers. These people didn’t seem to have much concern for the “fear and persecution” they had left behind as they videoed and face-timed their surroundings to their friends and family at home on their smartphones with their newly acquired internet connections. One even seemed to make a neck-cutting gesture and laughed during a face-time call, of course, I could be wrong, but I could be right. What do we know about these people coming into the UK?

I’d stayed here several times before through work and whilst I knew the hotel chain had a reputation for housing asylum seekers and refugees up and down the country I’d never encountered it at this hotel in Leeds, that is until last Thursday evening. We were left standing in the entrance waiting to check-in for well over 15 minutes while the majority of the staff were tied up during meal time for the “guests” being housed and paid for by Serco and G4S.

I asked one of the bar staff why it was so busy this evening, and he told me they had a coach tour in that was heading to Edinburgh in the morning……

Yes, and I’m Father Christmas!

Being very familiar with the goings-on at the budget hotel chain I knew exactly what was taking place, I’ve seen it countless times at other locations that are owned and run by Alex Langsam and the Britannia Hotel chain.

Alex Langsam, the owner of the rundown Brittania Hotels chain, has again been voted Britain’s worst hotel chain for the 7th year running. It has a government contract awarded via Serco and G4S to house asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants. They stay at this run down dirty and decrepit hotel chain whilst their cases and applications are being handled after arriving in the UK.

I have personally witnessed these people being transported from the port of Dover to various Britannia hotels across the country in brand new chauffeur driven Mercedes people carriers. I have also seen paperwork issued by The Home Office whilst they have been in local post offices. I have been told by local council officials in a different region that “housing these people in hotels across the country” was only a “temporary measure”, that was over five years ago.

Langsam himself has amassed a £240 million fortune and been dubbed the “asylum king” for renting out his budget rooms to those who have entered the country illegally. Its all paid for by the British taxpayer, most of whom have no idea about what is taking place on their own doorstep.

One of the Britannia Hotels in Greater Manchester is believed to have housed over 500 refugees and asylum seekers during an 18 month period from 2015 costing British taxpayers well over £1.2 million. They are given three square meals a day and £35+ per week spending allowance for essentials. Largely undocumented illegal immigrants are being transported into communities across the country, and Langsam is literally raking it in. Transforming his ageing hotels into temporary refugee receiving centres has turned out to be quite a lucrative business model for a hotel boss who recently paid himself £3 million in expenses.

This is a practice that has been repeated up and down the country for well over five years and has taken place at Britannia hotels in Wigan, Stockport, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Daresbury Park, Folkestone and also now in Leeds amongst many others.

Half the hotel appeared to have been partially segregated into two areas, there were the usual paying guests on one side, and the other half was packed full of immigrants and asylum seekers. Noticing this partitioning (whether it be deliberate or just a natural occurrence), the hotel’s foreign occupants lacked the will to interact with me, this lead me to think about how these people would assimilate into British society.

Shortly after we arrived, so did the police, this seems to be a common theme which is repeated at this hotel chain. Could it be that its due to the hotel being partially occupied by refugees and asylum seekers? Many of the paying guests told me someone had broken into another guests room. However, this was later denied by the hotel manager who said the police attended because a vehicle had been bumped into on the car park. Many of the guests I spoke to felt aggrieved that they had not been informed about the hotel’s contract to house asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants. A couple of ladies that I chatted with said they felt unsafe going outside on their own or even using the communal toilets, which is entirely unacceptable.

Again I spoke to the manager of the hotel at length, but she continued to try and flannel me with nonsense. She became quite abrupt and defiant when I pressed about Alex Langsam profiting handsomely from people who were trafficked into the UK. I told the manager some facts about her boss, the hotel chain, and how both profit from an asylum economy. She continued to deny what was taking place, and despite what was going on right in front of her eyes, she denied any knowledge of it?

If the government and local councils can afford to spend literally millions and millions of pounds of taxpayers money each year feeding, housing and clothing refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants then I think it’s about time they afforded the same help and assistance to the thousands of homeless people living on the streets of the UK in 2019.

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