BRITAIN’S NEXT PM: Boris TOPS Second Tory Leadership Vote – Raab Out

by TR News

DOMINIC Raab MP has been booted out the Tory Leadership ballot, with hot favourite Boris Johnson coming first.

The candidates needed 33 votes or more to stay in the race.

Dominic Raab received 30 votes and was immediately disqualified from the hotly contested vote.

Boris is still the clear front runner in the race getting a whopping 126 votes – more than the 114 he received in the first ballot.


Boris JOHNSON: 126
Jeremy HUNT: 46
Michael GOVE: 41
Rory STEWART: 37
Sajid JAVID: 33
Dominic RAAB: 30 (OUT)


The metropolitan elite and media favourites Rory Stewart – a staunch remainer and former Labour man came fourth – despite most of the leftist British media trying to give him the best coverage.

Sajid Javid who was slammed this week for failing to deport four Muslim groomers – scraped through with just 33 votes – meaning he could be out at the next round unless he drops out of the contest.

Boris tweeted following the result and said:

Brexiteer Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns tweeted:

“@DominicRaab fought an honest campaign, true to his convictions and fighting to deliver Brexit. But his talent deserves to be back in the cabinet. We are rooting for you.”

ERG vice-chairman Mark Francois said:

“It was great to see Boris going up again – that’s obviously encouraging.

“In a sense it’s a shame to lose Dominic Raab because he is an extremely capable politician. I hope whoever wins – and I hope it’s Boris – will find a good place for Dom in his Cabinet.”

A live leadership debate with all the remaining contenders will take place tonight live on BBC1 at 8pm.


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