BREXIT PARTY – Turn Their Backs On Europe

by TR News
BREXIT MEP's Turn Their Backs On the European Union

Looking at some of the tabloid gutter press today you would think a most depraved, heinous, shameless crime had been committed in the EU Parliament.

BREXT Party MEP’s had the audacity to turn their backs while the EU anthem (Beethoven’s Ode To Joy) was played in the chamber of European totalitarianism.

At first, Brexit MEP’s refused to stand up for the anthem; however, they were soon reprimanded by globalist elites. When they were told off like disobedient children in a classroom, they stood up, only to turn their backs on the European Globalist Mafioso.

BREXIT PARTY – Turn Their Backs On Europe

Oh, those poor, wretched, weak globalist sycophants – the audacity – the outrage, how dare Brexit MEP’s show such contempt!

Of course, today’s chip papers like the Mirror and the Independent ran to the aid of their globalist masters, and with the usual semantical sleight of hand, produced a victim narrative.

Those damn Brexit MEP’s turned their backs on a young singer and saxophonists; they must be fascist ageists – NAZI!!!

The overreactions of left-wing toilet papers are nothing new, as is their partisanship for any totalitarian political mafia that leans the way they do.

Brexit will happen get over it.

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