Brexit Hating Headteacher Projects Project Fear

by TR News
The End Of The World Is Nigh

A Brexit hating headteacher projects project fear using her position to scare and dramatise the effects of leaving the European Union.

The End Of The World Is Nigh

To many of the deluded remaining masses who have an emotional attachment to the European Union, Brexit is the stuff of nightmares. Mountjoy School head Jackie Shanks decided to whip up some controversy by sending a letter to all the parents of her pupils. The letter read like something you would expect from a Labour/Lib Dem campaign leaflet.

The letter highlighted “the potential implications of a no-deal Brexit” such as:

Food shortages.

Fuel shortages.

An increase in safeguarding referrals.

Modern slavery.

Domestic abuse.

Hate crimes.

A rise in extremist activity.

Medical shortages.

And finally, civil unrest.

Jackie's Project Fear Propaganda

Jackie’s Project Fear Propaganda

Brexit Begets Evil

To address all of the terribly evil things that will happen because of Brexit, Jackie wanted to put parents minds at ease. The purchase of another freezer will remedy food shortages, together with the purchase of canned food. Staff working at the school will “car share” which means petrol pumps will not run dry, and her staff will reduce their carbon footprint.

We were a little disappointed to see that Jackie was only working towards the remedy of two issues she had raised in the letter. Passing responsibility for medical needs to parents seemed a little harsh, likewise with an inevitable rise in safeguarding issues, she passed the buck again.

Our biggest concerns are that Jackie can’t, won’t or doesn’t want to solve the problems of modern-day slavery, domestic abuse, hate crimes, a rise in extremist activity and civil unrest? What kind of headteacher is she?

Curricular Politicking

Besides taking Jackie to task by satirising her letters hyperbolic, gratuitous scaremongering content, there is probably a good reason why she used her position to promote project fear. The website “Shy Society” managed to dig up some information about her political bias, her hatred for Conservatives and Donald Trump, also her use of foul and abusive language.

You can find that webpage by clicking HERE.

To be clear, we do not want Jackie to be abused for her political views, she is entitled to have them. However, as a school head whose duty it is to cater to children with special needs and aim to “promote understanding and engagement between communities,” she has undoubtedly fallen short of the latter.

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