BREAKING: Tommy Robinson SUES Cambridge Police

by Brian of London

You can get live updates on the case being heard from Ezra Levant who flew in for Canada purely so we get some decent reporting on the case. He is live tweeting from inside the courtroom. Tommy is taking legal action against  Cambridge Police for the harassment and distress caused to him and his children when they aggressively ran him out of town. Twice he was offered a financial settlement but he’s gone to court to make sure the entire case is heard in public and to ask for a public apology and an admission that the Police were not acting within their rights.

Tommy made a full background video on this for Rebel, you can watch that here:

This is the full video recorded on Tommy’s phone which is being used as evidence in Tommy’s claim against Cambridge Police. This was shown to the whole court including the Cambridgeshire Police officers who appear in this video who are sitting in court right now.


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