Breaking News – Police Update Tommy – Gangsta’s Charged!

by TR News

Every now and then, when the planets align, and someone in charge uses common sense, a result is possible. Breaking News – Police Update Tommy – Gangsta’s Charged!

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Tommy Robinson – HERO!

The British people are recognised for their sense of community, for their wartime spirit, for their bravery, their determination and their sense of justice. The British people are (in general) kind, accepting, tolerant and welcoming. Sometimes that perception of “Britishness” can be seen as a weakness, something that can be exploited, something that can be taken advantage of. Patience, acceptance, tolerance and respect are virtues; they are not a weakness.

You will often find these characteristics deeply embedded in the mindest of older generations. Today, unfortunately, Britain is producing generations of disrespectful youth, kids with no morals and no respect. Tommy Robinson had an altercation with three plastic gangstas who thought it was ok to cough and spit in the faces of an elderly couple; they did not expect a confrontation, but they got one!

Tommy is cut from an older Churchillian generational cloth. “Britishness” means never surrendering, never backing down to intimidation, having a moral compass, knowing right from wrong. Brits cut from older cloth cherish, respect and protect the elderly and the most vulnerable in our society. We do not turn our backs on them when they are bullied or abused by scumbags.

When Tommy saw a gang of youths abuse an elderly couple, he did something about it. Younger generations have lost that sense of community, or perhaps they have never been taught what British values are or what it means to be British? Many youngsters have no respect for older generations; they see their tolerance as a weakness, something to exploit, something they can bully and intimidate.

There are consequences for those who act out degenerate, disrespectful and disgusting behaviours. Attacking the elderly and vulnerable in our society can never be tolerated. Tommy received a call from Hertfordshire Police who confirmed the Crown Prosecution Service charged the three bad boi plastic gangsta’s – Omar, Tariq and DJ.

Now we wait to see if the punishment fits the crime.



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