BREAKING: Australian PM to let JIHADI kids back

by Avi Yemini

The children of notorious Islamic State terrorist Khaled Sharrouf will soon be granted travel documents to return to Australia.

“Where there are Australians who are caught up in this situation – particularly as innocent children – we will do what I think Australians would expect us to do on their behalf”, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Hoda Sharrouf, 16, was taken to Syria along with her siblings and is now asking the Australian government for help.

Zaynab, 17, is heavily pregnant with her third child in the Al-Hawl camp.

Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf pictured with his sons in Syria (Nine)

“I want to see my brother grow up as a normal kid,” Hoda told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I want to see my nieces with a happy life with good treatment. I want to see my sister give birth safely.”

Federal Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen said he sympathised with the children, but not with the parents who put them in their precarious position.

“Every western country has somebody in this situation – that’s a conundrum being dealt with by many like-minded countries,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“We provide bipartisan support to the government.”

Sharrouf and his two eldest sons were killed in a US air strike on Syria in 2017.

The children’s mother died of a medical condition in 2015 after following Sharrouf to the Middle East with their five children.

Zaynab was married off to Sharrouf’s best friend and fellow jihadist Mohammed Elomar when she was just 13.

She has two daughters, Ayesha, 3, and Fatima, 2.


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