Pro-Paedophile Policing – Or Just Plain Negligence?

by TR News

Tommy received a call from Detective Sergeant Hancock on Wednesday. Pro-Paedophile Policing – Or Just Plain Negligence?

Pro-Paedophile Political Policing

On Wednesday Tommy received a call from Detective Sergeant Simon Hancock. DS Hancock (collar number 157) is a nearly thirty-year Police veteran serving with Bedfordshire Police force; he works in their “serious and complex crime team”.

On Sunday Tommy took his children and his wife to Centre Parcs for a fun-filled day of activities and swimming. Unfortunately for Tommy, and more importantly, for his eight-year-old daughter, the day turned out to be a nightmare.

Tommys daughter was playing in the swimming pool at Centre Parcs and a middle-aged man walked towards her, groped her backside, then walked off, not looking at her or speaking to her as he did it. Tommys daughter did the right thing; she went straight to her dad and told him what the man did to her.

Just imagine the thought process of a parent who is told by their eight-year-old child that a middle-aged man just groped her bottom in the swimming pool. Tommy was quick to ask her all the relevant questions to make sure in his mind, whether this was deliberate or accidental.

Tommy’s fears had become a reality; he soon found out that the middle-aged man could not have “accidentally” or “mistakenly” squeezed his daughters bum. Tommy confronted the man after his daughter identified him. At this point alone, many fathers would just storm right over to the man and get physical. A fathers duty is to protect his family no matter the cost.

Tommy, rather than going straight to a physical confrontation, challenged the man, asking him if he was with a partner and kids, the man replied – he wasn’t with a partner or kids of his own. Tommy then asked the man if he had grabbed his daughters bum. The man replied that he did grab his daughters bum – “by mistake”.

Imagine as a father what you would do at this point, even if you never went straight into a physical confrontation. Tommy gave the man a chance to explain himself, and he did. He admitted to groping Tommy’s daughter’s backside. Most fathers, well let’s say many fathers, would at this point decide to give this “would be nonce” (child molester) a beating right there and then, but Tommy didn’t even do that!

A Father Protecting His Child

Rather than going straight into a physical fight with the man, he told him that he couldn’t leave. Tommy wanted Centre Parcs security to detain him until such a time when Police arrived to arrest this “would be” nonce (child molester). The middle-aged offender got a bit panicky; he knew what would probably happen if the Police arrived to arrest him. The man decided that he couldn’t be detained and attempted to move past Tommy who was well within his rights to make a citizens arrest, a crime had been committed, a middle-aged pervert molested his daughter in the swimming pool.

As far as Tommy was concerned, this man should not be allowed to escape justice, how many other children had this man potentially molested in his time there and prior to that even? You simply cannot grope, squeeze, pinch or grab an eight-year-old child’s bottom by “accident” or by “mistake”. Tommy wasn’t going to allow the man to rush past him; the man grabbed Tommy by the neck, leaving a very neat handprint there.

Tommy Robinson Neck Injury

Tommy’s Neck Injury After Dealing With A Nonce At Centre Parcs

It was at this point a physical fracas ensued, the “would be nonce” (child molester) ended up with a bleeding nose. Centre Parcs security interviened, they separated Tommy from the “would be nonce” (child molester) who received first aid for a “minor injury”. The Police were called and eventually managed to arrive at Centre Parcs, three hours later. In that time, the Police could see there was a victim of an egregious and vicious crime, the “would be nonce” (child molester) complained to the Police.

Bedfordshire Police officers dutifully arrested a father for the “crime” of protecting his daughter and the “crime” of stopping a suspected paedophile from escaping justice. The “would be nonce” (child molester) was not cautioned or arrested by Bedfordshire Police officers; he was simply “let go”. If the modus operandi of Police forces up and down the UK are influenced by media reports of Tommy Robinson then the UK is in dire straights indeed.

During a follow-up call from DS Hancock, it became pretty clear that as far as he was concerned, the only reason Bedfordshire Police would arrest the “would be nonce”  is if there was CCTV or witnesses to the sexual assault of a minor. DS Hancock would know better than anyone; Police officers do not “need” evidence to arrest anyone; they don’t need it to caution someone and then question them about the incident either, Police only need “reasonable grounds” to make an arrest.

Police Arresting Powers UK

Police Arresting Powers UK – They Only Need “Reasonable Grounds”

Bedfordshire Police have proven without any doubt in our minds, they were more interested in the political scalp of Tommy Robinson, protecting paedophiles and dismissing the allegations of an eight-year-old girl.

One of the many reasons why the rape of Britain happened is because Police forces up and down the country failed to protect children; it looks as though they are still repeating past mistakes.

Protecting paedophiles while punishing children and protective fathers does not amount to “justice” of any kind.

Tommy will attend Luton Magistrates court for the “alleged crime” of common assault on the 2nd of April at 2pm. We invite everybody, no matter what political persuasion you have, to stand with Tommy in support. This issue is way above politics; it’s about protecting children from predatory paedophiles.

To watch a longer version video with the full breakdown click HERE

If you intend to stand with Tommy in support, please get to Luton Magistrates at 9am on the 2nd of April.

Here is the address and map location of the Magistrate Court.

Stuart Street

Click HERE.


See you there!



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