Bosch Fawstin designs special Tommy Robinson cartoon

by TR News
I'm Tommy Robinson by Bosch Fawstin

The extraordinary graphic artist and cartoonist, Bosch Fawstin, has created a unique piece of artwork for Tommy Robinson. You can buy prints or T-shirts of this on his website here and he is donating the proceeds from this to Tommy’s fund.

I'm Tommy Robinson by Bosch FawstinIf you don’t know Bosch, he is a good friend of Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller and others in the counter Jihad movement. He was one of the subjects of an attempted assassination attempt in Garland, Texas. He was to be awarded a prize for drawing Mohammed when two Jihadis drove for hours to come and kill him and anyone else they could (including Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders).

Thankfully those two were stopped in the most amazing gun fight by a policeman armed only with a pistol who actually walked toward the two men, while shooting!

Stevens immediately drew his Glock 21 pistol and engaged Simpson with four to five rounds as Simpson fired at him and Joiner with the rifle.

As Stevens fired, he slowly advanced on the suspects from 15 yards away, pressing the attack on the pair as he fired “rhythmically,” obtaining a “decent sight picture” for each round. Stevens was conscious of the fact he had to make his hits count, and his deliberation was rewarded with the sight of Simpson falling to the ground and dropping his rifle.

Switching to the next threat, Stevens pivoted to the left and fired at the driver, Nadir Soofi, who also wore soft armor and LBE, and had a backpack and a pistol. As Soofi rounded the back of the car with his rifle raised in the firing position, his left side was exposed to Stevens, who drew careful aim and shot Soofi in the elbow, above the elbow, the side of the chest and the shoulder, as he continued to advance and fire at a controlled pace.

You can read more about that here.

Here’s what he writes about his print:

Print: I’m Tommy Robinson

I was able to get word to Tommy Robinson about my offer to create a print of him, where the proceeds would go to him, outside of what I would need for production and shipping and handling costs, and he expressed appreciation for it. I was told to coordinate with those at TR.News. If it’s not obvious, my cartoon is based on Spartacus, echoing my earlier Geert Wilders cartoon. Tommy will be sentenced tomorrow by his guilty persecutors, and this is the way I can help him. And you can also help him by ordering a print. It’s 11 x 17, signed by me, and unlike my other prints, I’m not going to limit this run. You can order it domestically or internationally below. Thank you.

UPDATE: Also available on a t-shirt here.

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