Boris’s Brexit Statement

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Listen to Boris’s Brexit statement after a deal has finally been agreed between the UK Government and the European Union.

Brexit In Name Only?

For more than three years, the UK has been trying to negotiate the terms of Article 50 after a majority of the British electorate voted to leave the EU.

Despite the referendum result, Parliamentarians who wanted to remain in the EU have done everything they could to thwart the will of the British people. Remainers have enacted laws which have weakened Boris Johnson’s hand as he has tried to negotiate a way out of the EU. Your deliberate delaying deceptions are over.

Now that we have finally come to an agreement with the EU on our terms of leaving, the remaining politicians are calling out Boris for negotiating a weak deal? Had the remoaners not fought tooth and nail for three years to stop us from leaving, maybe Boris would have had a stronger negotiating hand.

The irony of remoaners whining and whinging who stifled the UK’s negotiations like spoilt brattish children is not lost on any of us. They didn’t really have concerns for the country or the people they were supposed to represent. In fact, many of them voted against the wishes of their electorate when it came to Brexit. Their hatred for a sovereign nation-state and their desire to be part of a bureaucratic Eurocratic mafioso was clear to everyone.

Leave Means Out Of The EU

Leave Means Out Of The EU

Talk To The Hand

We are not interested in hearing your politicised attacks on Boris when it was you lot who set him up for a bad deal in the first place. Don’t weep with pontificating pomposity when it was you “remoaners” who made sure Boris was politically weakened. You created this mess; you put the political bludgeoning of Boris, (which is far more important to you) before respecting the democratic will of the people and the interests of our country. Forgive us if we don’t care for your arrogance or your salty crocodile tears.

Remoaners who have turned on Boris again telling everyone what a bad deal it is should remember it was they who weakened our negotiating strength with the EU. It is remoaners who should accept responsibility for this deal; they should self-flagellate and bludgeon themselves for causing this mess but of course, they will not.

Accepting responsibility would mean admitting they were wrong and Anti-Democratic.

A No-Deal Brexit could still happen, and a general election is certain to happen sooner rather than later, so let’s hope all those remoaning Eurocrats are purged from Parliament. There must be a political price to pay for their ineptitude and their dirty partisan politics.

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