Boris Bashes Brexit Backstop and Blasts “Bastards”

by TR News

“I have no idea how to kick those particular bastards out.”

Those were the words of Boris Johnson Today, clearly indicating his frustration and distain for the clear lack of democracy in existence within the European Union’s overall structures.

Johnson, speaking at the India Today media group conference went on to say “My objection to the EU was not that it was run by foreigners. The problem is we don’t really know who is running it.

“I couldn’t tell you who they are, or what they do or how they came by their jobs or how they may be removed from office.

“I have no idea how to kick those particular bastards out. I’m not saying they are bastards. But millions and millions of people in the UK have no idea how the system works. It’s completely cut off to them.”

When asked about the possibility of the country facing a second referendum Mr Johnson said: “I don’t think that’s possible. I think that the anger in the population would be so intense and the tedium – people would be driven absolutely round the bend by the idea of having to vote on this thing again.”

Also displaying his clear unfiltered stance on the EU backstop, he said “We need to get this Brexit done properly and our Prime Minister now needs to punch a hole through that backstop and it has got to be a hole that is big enough to fit the entire United Kingdom.”



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