BORIS And The French TURDS

by TR News
Emmanuel Macron Le Turd

Boris Johnson was criticised for his colourful language when describing how the French Government, led by Emmanuel Macron, have treated Britain during ongoing Brexit talks with the European Union.

Boris made the comments during a BBC documentary about the Foreign Office that was aired back in November. The comments frightened the Foreign Office so much they begged the BBC to censor them, the BBC dutifully capitulated however they did leave a comment in where Boris said the French were “shafting Britain”.

We think Boris calling the French Government out as “French Turds” is appropriate given the circumstance.

Turds Together - Macron And Verhofstadt

Turds Together – Macron And Verhofstadt

Boris and the French Turds

Well, Emmanuel Macron has taken a “take it or leave it” stance when it comes down to what the EU has offered the UK as a “deal”. So being “Shafted By A Frech Turd” sounds about right by all accounts.

Mr Verhofstadt, the former Belgian Prime Minister and now the current Brexit co-ordinator and chair of the EU Steering Group, has no love for Boris.

Mr Verhofstadt remarked about the final two Tory leader candidates:

“The debate between the candidates confirms that they have learned nothing whatsoever from the past two years of negotiation with the EU.”

Perhaps, Mr Verhofstadt, the last two candidates don’t care much for your bullying or arrogance, neither do the people of Britain. We voted for Brexit, not a deal.

Mr Verhofstadt has made his political allegiances very clear, he does not like the right as you can see in this tweet HERE.

Verhofstadt Tweet - Far Right?

Verhofstadt Tweet – Far-Right?

Boris came under fire for comments he made about Muslim women looking like “letterboxes”. Boris responded by saying:

“I will continue to speak as directly as I can. Occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used, or the way that phrase has been wrenched out of context by those who wish for reasons of their own caricature.”

We don’t think that Boris gives a damn what Macron or Verhofstadt believe, and he shouldn’t.

Bring on BREXIT!

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